Our family was so thankful for the compassion shown by Kelly with Paw Prints when our beloved cat, Baron, died on Friday night, 12/1/17. When we found him in one of his favorite hiding places, we were saddened, but thankful he did not have to suffer. It was after hours, but Kelly quickly returned our call, and discussed the cremation process with us and what our options were. The time and compassion she gave us was appreciated so much, and made our decision a little bit easier. We knew he was deteriorating, but had hoped he would be with us through one more Christmas. He loved getting under the Christmas tree each year, and thankfully he was able to enjoy it during the last week of his life. We were blessed to have him with us for 16 years, and did not realize the emptiness we would experience when he was no longer with us. It helped us so much to receive a beautiful package today from Paw Prints with a caring personal note, poems, and some special things. This package meant so much to our daughter and us, and helped us feel more at peace about the decision we made to call Paw Prints, and know his ashes would be scattered in a respectful and compassionate manner. Thank you, Dale & family Dale Myatt

Thank you so much for the lovely job you did with my Nakita's remains. She was dearly loved since the day she showed up at my door 16 years ago at months old. She had such a sweet spirit from day one but at times she was stubborn and had selective hearing. We miss her so much, from our daily walks which she so admired, her tail and dog smile when either of us entered the house to her night time routine. I myself is still in tears and pray that she is well taken care of in heaven by my father who actually didn't like dogs but loved her. She knew which houses to stop at on our walks as certain neighbors thought it was robbery not to buy her treats and they didn't have pets. Toni Blount

Poobah started her life as the runt of a litter of feral cats. She was so tiny when I brought her home that she fit inside the pocket of my hoodie. Poobah loved, protected and supported me her whole life. When she was only six months old she killed a pygmy rattle snake that had got into our garage under the door. She presented the dead snake to me at my bedside, it was longer than she was! Poobah was my best friend and matron of the house for seventeen years. Everyone loved her. She was feisty, but always sweet, loving and friendly. Even confirmed "dog people" adored her. I miss my beautiful little furry angel every day and look forward to seeing her again in Heaven. Erin Walker

Hello, I just wanted to write this short message and say thank you. Today my Mom received our eternal memory of our dog Socks. I can't thank you enough for the service you provided us with and everything you included.  We love the poems and I feel in my heart that your company cares about what they do. Thank you for your support in this hard time. I wish that I never needed it again but know where to go if we do. Thank you, Todd M. Todd Manley

I lost Bruce my Anatolian Shepherd on a Friday…..then his best friend Bob The Cat one week later. Your service is wonderful.  They are now back together again. Nancy Douglas

The service of Paw Prints was so much appreciated following the loss of our beloved 15 year old cat, Lily. The loss is immeasurable, but the memories will soften the current pain and will comfort the mind over time. First concern was integrity having never dealt with a cremation service before, but we are more than convinced that Paw Prints operates with not only integrity, but also extreme care and compassion. We are truly thankful to you for that and the remembrances you provided because Lily deserved that special treatment of honor and dignity. Bart Cormier

Dear Nate, Kelly, Hiliary and the entire Paw Prints crew: I picked up Roxie today from Wells Road Vet. Joe and I can't thank y'all enough for the dignity with which you have always handled our family members, and Roxie is no exception. The urn is beautiful. I honestly thought bringing her home would help to start the healing process, but I guess the older I get the less I know, or remember. As a friend of mine said once upon the loss of his best friend, "I breathe but I can't catch my breath." Roxie now joins the 7 you have taken care of for us. It is truly comforting to know when we need you, you are there, always with respect. Sincerely, Joe and Debi Wilburn Joe and Debi Wilburn

*Words cannot express my feelings for your love and sympathy you have shown in the care of my baby Khaki.* *Khaki was 19 when he passed away, I lost my companion and bed partner and those paw pats on my face first thing in the morning.* *Thank you for honoring my kitty, I shall never be more appreciative.* *Patricia A Cook* Patricia Cook

A HUGE thank you to the staff at Paw Prints! Kato was my buddy for over 9 years - more so after my divorce and was an awesome companion. I was in complete shock that he passed away so suddenly but found comfort in the services you provided for him. This was my fist experience of having to make arrangements for a lost loved pet but with the assistance of my vet you and your staff made it easy. It's quite obvious that Kato was handle with care and respect - thank you very much! He and I are grateful. Andrew Summers Andrew Summers

To the entire staff of Paw Prints We cannot thank you enough for everything you did for our beloved Kobe…. We wanted to take a moment to honor his life and share a couple of pictures of him with you. Hillary was so amazing and helpful through the most difficult time that we have faced…we cannot thank her enough. In such a short amount of time, she has truly proved she is an asset to your team. David and Melissa Hensel AKA Kobe’s parents. The Hensel Family

The Banning Family express our sincerely gratitude for assisting us in our difficult time of sorrow for the loss of our Beloved dog Daco. He was really and truly a member of our family. Sincerely, Randy, Betty, Jennifer, Juan, Juanito, Marisa, and Yesenia The Banning Family

Thanks for once again so the love and care you have shown my families for the special care of Mr Peppercorn and now my beloved Grand Kitty, Mr Baggy and the beautiful teakwood box you gave to us with his ashes. Sorry about the delay to show our gratitude. I thought my daughter thanked you and she as well thought I had wrote to you. Melissa Hines

I want to thank you and tell you how absolutely pleased I was with your services. My husband was not in town at the time our cat was hit by a car and my young daughter and I had absolutely no idea what to do. I felt uneasy about cremation but after receiving your thoughtful enclosures, the poems and also the flowers, I knew I had made a perfect choice. The overall process could not have gone more smoothly. The verses that were included brought us comfort and closure. Everything was presented in such good taste. I felt as if you had known our cat and felt he was as special as we did. Thank you so much for what you do. I will recommend your business wholeheartedly. Sincerely, Elizabeth Bates Elizabeth Bates

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our dog, Abby Anton in april. We appreciate the lovely box her remains came in and the extras , her fur and the flowers. This made a sad day a little bit brighter. Sincerely Martha Anton and family. Martha Anton

I had to have my dog put down at No More Homeless Pets and got a call from them earlier this week that our paw print was ready. I had no idea that we were getting a paw print, but was so surprised when we picked it up and saw the paw print, poem and cremation certificate. It was such a nice and thoughtful gesture and I just wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful way to remember our pet. Thanks, Carrie Lemaster Carrie Lemaster

*Words cannot express my feelings for your love and sympathy you have shown in the care of my baby Khaki.* *Khaki was 19 when he passed away, I lost my companion and bed partner and those paw pats on my face first thing in the morning.* *Thank you for honoring my kitty, I shall never be more appreciative.* *Patricia A Cook* Patricia Cook

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to tell you this, but I wanted to thank you for the wonder care you gave our 15-year-old Springer Spaniel – Spencer Burton on or about 2-12. We were very happy with your service and highly recommend you. It was extremely hard letting go as we loved that goofy dog and miss him a lot. When anyone asks about him, we tell him he is with us in that beautiful box you placed him in. Thank you again, I appreciate your compassion and beautiful remembrances. Sue Burton

2 weeks today, I had to put my 15 year old Scottish terrier to sleep @ seaside vet hospital on st. simons island, ga. MAC was my constant companion from 8 wks old & is sadly missed. the care & compassion they showed was amazing. Your service was greatly appreciated by this Canadian so far away from home & totally distraught. Your package with “Mac’s” remains was beautifully presented. He rode in the back seat back to Canada with me safe & sound. attached is my favourite picture taken feb 14/14 by photographer Bobby Haven from the Brunswick news. this greets me daily when I open my computer. Many thanks again. Nancy Moore

Dear Paw Prints I wanted to take a moment to write and thank you for you compassion and your support during an extremely rough day. I normally don't write emails like this however, your web site and the bios about your staff and the notes from other pet owners who had used your services truly spoke to me and helped me make my decision to use your service, so I wanted to share my experience with others in case it helps someone feel more secure and comfortable in their decision as well. I was truly impressed by not only the service, but the true compassion of everyone at Paw Prints. It was the second saddest day in my life, the day after saying good bye to my beloved friend. The only thing we wanted was to make sure that Coco was taken care of with dignity and that we brought home Coco's ashes and ONLY Coco's ashes. Kelly spent time explaining the procedures and precautions to make sure that that would be the case. When we arrived that day, we had a private moment to say good bye. At first I felt wasn't needed, but after, seeing Coco at peace and with his favorite blanket actually gave me peace. The staff allowed us to make see the facilities before the procedure started. It was clean, private and everything was handled so professionally. While we wanted I was comforted by Red, a big black lab that put his head on my lap and sat with me for over an hour. The package that we were sent home with had not only Coco's ashes, but a lock of his hair, a poem, a death certificate. From start to finish every step with handled with care, professionalism, and a thoughtful and caring touch. I wanted to thank the staff at Paw Prints for making a very sad day…bearable. That is truly priceless. Merit and Russ Lee Merit and Russ Lee

I picked up Tina's paw print yesterday and I can't tell you how appreciative I am that we finally have our baby girl home, alongside her brother again. We now have two beautiful clay prints to remember them by. Thank you again for taking such care. Hopefully it will be many many years before we have to use your services again, but when that unfortunate day comes I know you will reunite us with our fur babies again. Ashley Silvia

Thanks for your service. We have used all the treasures you have included which includes the blue bag for the matting of this picture. I wished I could stand to be at her ceremony but I wanted to remember gabby while she still was alive to the end. She was not a dog to us but a child. Your services were extraordinary. Thank you. Gabby Donna Don and our entire family. Here is a keepsake of gabby for you Donna Zeller

I want to thank you for the care and attention my baby received. Lil Bit was only with me 8 short years and losing her to liver cancer tore us apart. Thank you for the Rainbow Bridges poem, locks of fur, paw print and beautiful urn box she came home in. I wish I had known about the keepsake glass as I would have ordered one as well. Just know that I am thankful for your services. Sincerely, Sharon Lilly-Williams Lil' Bits Mommy Sharon Lily-Williams

Thank you so very much for your kind and compassionate servive. It meant the world to me to know my baby Destiny was in such good loving hands. The beautiful urn box with flowered carvings was perfect for her. It helps so much to know your baby is in good hands when you are going through such a difficult time. Thank you and I will always remember your kindness.... Joey Mancini

I just want to thank PawPrints for everything they have done for our Melia. She was my best friend and now I have a paw print, lock of hair and wildflowers to plant; not to mention, a wonderful thought as the Rainbow Bridge. She was a rescue boxer that we adopted 4 years ago September. This was the hardest thing I've ever done but I held her while Dr. Aimee injected the medication. Pet Doctors was very supportive and compassionate as was PawPrints. I will refer anyone who is dealing with the death of a pet (family member) to you all. Thank you so much for the bag full of memories. God bless... Tammy Rendell

We just want to add our thanks and praise for the incredible presentation of Yankee's remains back to us. Last week, while I was pouring thru photo after photo after photo of our beloved little friend, I was saddened to realize that I had never cut off a lock of hair to keep. You cannot possibly know how deeply touched and happy you made us to find that you had "read my mind" and provided us with that cherised keepsake. EVERYTHING you provided will be lovingly kept and appreciated; your final presentation of our Yankee's remains does not fall short of Heavenly. Thanks so very much, Gary & Gloria Thompson Gloria and Gary Thompson

A few weeks ago our beloved Great Dane, Zeus, passed away during the night. It was devastating for us and hard having to decide which crematory to use. At 170 lbs I was not able to move him. When our vet opened they recommended Paw Prints. Turns out a neighbor has used Paw Prints in the past and highly recommended them. I spoke to Kelly at 9 AM and by 10:30 Rich and DJ were there to pick him up. They were all very compassionate and picked Zeus up with great care. His ashes were ready a few days later and was placed in a beautiful wooden box, along with a tuft of hair, a card and a wildflower patch. Every step of the way all involved showed a great deal of compassion and understanding of our feelings. They made a tough morning go much better for us. I can't thank Kelly, Rich and DJ enough. I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Thanks everyone at Paw Prints Jeff Koppelman

I just picked up my Apollo's remains from Anastasia Veterinary Practice in Saint Augustine, FL. I love all of the attention to detail, the urn, the tuft of fur, the meaningful paperwork. Most of all I love the little hearts drawn next to my baby's name on everything. I don't know who did it, but it makes my heart soar. Thank you so much for providing a service that has really touched my heart at such a difficult time. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. Sincerely, Tiffany Lo Tiffany Lo

Thank you for the beautiful way you helped us cherish our precious Maxine. The loss of our family member has been challenging but we are pushing forward everyday. The extra ways you managed to keep her with us has touched our hearts in so many ways. Thank you. The Morris family Jennifer Morris

I really miss him and thank you for talking to me to select the urn I wanted it was hard to make the decision that night to have him euthanized but he could not be cured as my vet said the ER was more honest the he was. Your company did great with my Desirée I wish I was able to choose her urn but the Jax ER didn't give me the option to. Lisa O'Berry

Once again regretfully only a few weeks after my handsome baby boy Rusty you respectfully handled my eldest-she was 15 years old, Pepper Ann. I thank you again for the service you provide. I also am thankful for all the communications and help after the process was completed.Thank You again! Richard S. Richard Shoup

To the staff at Paw Prints Crematory, I would like to take this moment to personally thank you for handling our beloved Oreo this past week. Oreo's death was extremely difficult to handle as it was very unexpected. Knowing there are people like the staff there at Paw Prints Crematory comforted me in knowing Oreo was in good hands. When I researched pet crematories in our area, I found Paw Prints and read everything. I knew right then and there your services are exactly what my family and I needed at a critical time. When the Clay-Duval ER said they do business with you, I was exceptionally grateful in knowing where Oreo was going to go. When I picked up Oreo on Thursday night I placed him in our living room next to the window he was always at. A little about Oreo: Oreo is from Fort Worth, Texas. We got him in June 2006 and has been with us his whole life. He was an exceptionally good boy as he had such a calm temperament and never once in his life bit anyone. His nick-name was Oreo Cookie or Cookie. He was so loving and a true companion in a time when our family suffered. When I was sick, he would lay there by my side and would not get up unless I did. When my husband or children were asked to put him out, he would not go unless I put him out. He had special treats that were called "What time is it?" He knew exactly what those were along with "car-rides, walk, dinner, breakfast, bed-time" and other daily words we used. Our oldest daughter would always get nibbled on her ankles by him. We never understood why until we later found out he was a herding dog used to round up cattle. It made perfect sense because when my children would play, Oreo would run in circles and "round" them up. Hide and seek was another game our family played a lot or at least tried to. Oreo always played and he would tell us who was hiding where. He literally was our "tattle-tailer". When I asked him where his daddy was, Oreo would take off running through the house and look for my husband and when my husband was found, Oreo would get exceptionally excited. Little games like this and so much more are what makes memories of our Oreo so special. So as you can see, the sudden loss of Oreo is extremely hard. Enclosed are a couple pictures I could find of our Oreo. Please share them on your site. I want everyone to know what kind of dog Oreo was. Thank you for the exceptional services you provide for families like mine. It truly means a lot to us to know there are people like you who go out of yur way to comfort us in a time of need. Sincerely, Maria Campany and family Maria Campany

I have just returned home with the remains of our sweet pup Nibbles and I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of him. Nibbles was my 15 year old son's dog, we only had him for 4 of his 9 years but he was there with my son through a difficult time. When Justin was one month shy of 13, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Long story short, Nibbles saw him through thousands of needle sticks and very difficult times in the last couple of years. We were all devastated to learn he had cancer. My tears flowed today when I looked in your envelope and saw my sweet boy's hair clippings, we miss him so much. The service you provided is a true labor of love, and my family is so thankful! God bless you all! Wayne Cain

I just wanted to thank you for everything. You picked up Rusty from Normandy Blvd. Animal Hospital on December 5, 2013. My "baby boy" my BIG baby boy :).I received his remains on Monday December 9, 2013. I was impressed with the quickness of your service-also he was my first cremation, so I did not know what to expect. I was impressed with everything. Especially with the enclosed "Rainbow Bridge" and also "The Gift" which was him 100%. He was so intelligent,loving,tenacious,and our guardian and protector. Until we loose something so precious, we don't realize the impact and importance they REALLY have to us.He gave us so much-and enjoyed it.He is greatly missed and always loved. Thank You again! Richard S. Richard Shoup

So few things in life are consistent. Paw Prints, however is one of those consistencies that make our lives easier when we lose our best friend. We have known Nate since 2008 when he took care of our Shar Pei Leo. Since then we have lost 5 more of our best friends. Without Nate and Paw Prints I don’t know if our losses would have gone as smoothly as they did. They are so compassionate and caring, and they gave the same love and respect to our Peibies that you would expect they would give to their own pets. Nate and Paw Prints have shown these two old people there still are loving, compassionate and caring people in this world. Thanks guys. Joe and Debi Wilburn

My dog Dalton recently passed away and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your company's work. I had know idea when I went to pick up Dalton's ashes that you had made a copy of his paw prints. I don't know why that meant so much to me, but it did. He not only left his little paw prints on my heart but, now because of your company, I can hold them in my hands. Also, thank you for the little package of his hair. You would think I would of thought of that, but I didn't. Thank you so very much. Kate Flann

Only now after a year am I able to open the Paw Prints bag. To have the kitty print plaques is such a wonderful comfort after so much grief. This thank you is so overdue for creating such a comforting service and keepsake. I apologize for the delay but the grief is sometime bigger than I am. Thank you on behalf of my Thermie & Xavier kitties and my family. Kind regards, Donna Donna McKee


Dear nate and your sorry I forgot it in My time of losing Lucy Both linda and wanted to thank you all in our Time of need. You all were so professional and Kind during losing her after almost 10 years We know she is in a better place and thank you To help get her there. I know you mentioned 7 pm Monday night. Please let her know we will never forget her and Will see here in heaven with family , friends and Loved ones . We look forward to coming by to see you Facilites Soon. Bless you all for your find work with the animal Community. Lucy Mclean

If you are reading this review, you are undoubtedly experiencing the same feelings that any devoted and loving pet parent goes through when they lose their baby. If your pet was “just a cat” or “only a dog” you wouldn’t be researching afterlife care options at all, and you wouldn’t be so emotionally connected to your decision. When my sweet Oliver passed away unexpectedly, I was faced with a difficult and traumatic question from the vet “What would you like to do with his body?” The moments that followed were perhaps the most unsettling and awkward that I could imagine. The last pet I buried was Rex, a German Shepherd…and that was awful. We selected an open field that Rex used to play in close to the house. Not even 6 months later, that open field of grass and memories was a Walgreens. Lesson learned. I’ve heard horror stories about burying a pet too shallow and the neighborhood animals digging them up -- I’m confident that would haunt me forever. Plus, what happens when we move -- I just leave Oliver behind? I was sickened. We grow so close to our pets in life, they become a part of the family and making that “final choice” just seems so, well…final. I’m a strong believer that the spirit of my Oliver did not “die” with his body in the vet’s office that day, but when the words crossed my mind that they could “dispose” of him, it was unsettling. There is nothing dignified about the word “Disposal” – I put my leftover food down the disposal, my companion of 11 years is not disposable. I live in a world where we no longer refer to our trash as “garbage” it’s now “waste management” or “recyclables,” why would I choose to have greater respect for my empty milk jug and mayonnaise jar than my beloved kitty? While I knew I wanted to do something for Oliver, I still had a hard time accepting cremation. The finality of it scared me, as did the thought of not knowing “are the remains I receive REALLY Oliver?” Couple that with the dozens of other questions I had going through my head and I was pretty much a basket-case. Am I going to look like a crazy cat lady if I have an urn in my house with my cat’s remains? How much does pet cremation cost vs. the free burial I could perform? What if I break the urn…will my Dyson that sucked up all of Oliver’s fur in life be his final resting place if I accidentally bump the urn off the shelf? I tend to over-analyze most situations, but the decisions I needed to make would greatly affect my healing process and grief. I called a local pet cremation service and it was scary, I’m confident I wouldn’t have given that guy my “waste management” much less my kitty. Then the next one on the list…it was worse than a used car salesman on the last day of the month. The “pitch” was scripted, high-pressure and unsettling. Sorry Sir, my baby Oliver is not a number for you to fill your sales quota. Then I spoke with the most compassionate and sympathetic person I’ve ever met (Nate) and my fears were subsided. He was a breath of fresh air in a very distressing time. Nate thoroughly explained the cremation process, his company and the package I would receive with the remains of Oliver. He answered every question I had and made every effort to console me throughout the process. His demeanor was not a “sales pitch” in any way, he was genuinely concerned for my well-being and grief. For the first time since Oliver’s passing, I was able to accept his death and know that I had made a decision for his “final choice” that I could be proud of. Nate even answered my questions about Memory Glass (essentially blown glass with a small amount of ashes “suspended” inside) and offered to divide the ashes into separate bags so I wouldn’t have to be stressed with that task later. Paw Prints picked up Oliver the next day, called me when he reached their facility to give me his Disc ID#, and then called again when he was ready to be brought home (the very next day). They offered to take him to my vet’s office or provided convenient pick-up hours at their office. I chose to pick him up at their office and was very glad I did. Nate, Kelly & James were there and all three were so genuinely nice and sympathetic. They handed me my bag, explained everything in the package and let me know when I was ready to take a look inside. Even Red (Nate’s adorable & spoiled Black Lab) offered his condolences and let me rub his tummy. They took time out of their day to chat with me and I could tell they wholeheartedly cared about their customers. The whole experience was dignifying and purrfect for my Oliver. I do not wish for anyone to experience the loss of a pet family member, but when that horrific time comes you’ll be lucky and honored to meet Nate & Paw Prints. Thank you, Jenifer Peters (Oliver's Mommy) Jennifer Peters

Dear Nate, Kelly, and the Paw Prints Family - Our Family cannot Thank You enough for being so sympathetic during this very difficult time of loss in our lives. Your kindness and compassion helped us feel better about the decisions we had to make. We know Guapo was treated with love by your extremely caring team. Guapo was our Big Handsome Buddy for 13 years, loosing him truly broke our hearts. Thank You for taking such good care of Guapo and the items you sent our Family they sure do leave paw prints on our hearts. Bless the Paw Prints Family. Guapo You will be SO missed:( We Love You Handsome ️ The Morales Family

Dear Paw Prints Pet Crematory, We wanted to thank you, so very much, for taking care of our little dwarf hamster, Gordon. We were happy that it didn't take long to have his cremains back. We were told to give it a week, but you handled it all in one day. I appreciate the speed and the care that you took of his remains. The urn is beautiful, the poems and card are wonderful, and the lock of fur from our little guy is very appreciated. I guess I just wanted to say, thank you, for the wonderful job you did for our family. John and Patty Hanna

My wife and I would like to thank Nate & Kelly personally for the care and concern given to us. Loosing a beloved family member is never easy, but having spoken to Nate the day after loosing our dog Tara, I felt comforted in knowing that she would be treated with love and respect throughout the process, to which we will always be grateful to you for. Thank you so much for the Hair clipping ( both color's :) and paw prints of our girl, it meant so much seeing her little foot prints and knowing she was still shedding even then :). Once again our sincere thanks to you and your family for the love, support and care given to Tara, we are forever grateful. Paul & Gail McCormick

I just wanted to thank you . I only had one dog die in which I buried her. Vinny is my first to be cremated and I was nervous wondering things. Well , when I got his ashes back, I was so impressed and could tell you handled my baby with care, could just tell that. You made me feel so much better and sure all was okay . You are really caring. It shows in your package with sympathy card, poems and some of Vinny's hair saved for me. Thank you so much. I know he was treated with love. Karen Blum

Hello. Just wanted to take a moment to say "thanks"to Kelly for her kindness and compassion in helping us deal with the final arrangements for our beloved dog Mandy. While you can never really prepare to say goodbye to a good friend, we knew it was only a matter of time since Mandy had been diagnosed with a terminal condition. When we brought Mandy to the hospital for that final visit, we were prepared to make arrangements with another facility...not because they were any better, only because we never knew Pawprints was there. Kelly told us about your facility and took the time to explain who worked their, what their experiences were and how my companion would be cared for during this process. Her remains were returned promptly in a beautiful urn, along with a special rememberance of her....a pawprint impression and a clip of her fur. Thank you to everyone who handled the final arrangements and care of Mandy through this process. I w ork in a dog-related business and will be happy to refer customers to you when the time comes that they need your services. Sincerely, Cheryl and Skip Dunakin Cheryl and Skip Dunakin

Paw Prints, I have been meaning to do this for some time now, but I guess I needed to let my emotions settle. I would like to convey a heart felt thank you for what you did for Tweak and our family. Your care, consideration and kindness really shows in what you do. I loved the package I got and especially the personalization on everything. It brought me to tears to see Tweaks name on everything. Tweak was my little blue-eye princess. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that there is a special place in heaven for people like you. RIP Tweak - March 9th, 2010 Sean and Janice Stockman

Dear Nate, We can't possible thank you enough for being so sympathetic and understanding. You were instrumental in making us feel better about a situation that there is no comfort. The way you deal with animals and people is very special. Thank you so much for taking such good care of our puppies and us. We wish we could have met you under different circumstances, but such is life. We will recommend you most highly. Mark and Lori

Rich and Team, Thank you for your quick, professional and kind service. I could not be more impressed with the package included with Pandora's remains. Please feel free to use me as a reference for future clients. Hollie

James, Thank you for being so kind after my recent loss. Your kindness helped restore some of my lost faith in others. I also wanted to thank you for the items you placed in Baley's envelope. Though they made me cry, each one of them meant the world to me. Because of who you are and what you do, I am sure God will have a special place in heaven for you. I wish you and your partners much success. L. Elliott

Dear Paw Prints, Thank you so much for taking care of our 2 dogs (Sophie and Amanda). We didn't expect to have to put them down when we did, but your kindness and compassion made a difference to our family. The special touches that you included with the urn and ashes really were extra special. The Sisak Family

We can't tell you how much it means to us that you took the extra time to give us Druid's paw print. We were in shock and would have never though to ask. Thanks to your thoughtfulness and kindness, we have something very special. We can't express what it means that you went so far out of your way to help us remember our big, handsome puppy always. You're a very special person. God bless. Mark and Lori Peterson (Druid's Parents)

Losing Sasha has left me lost. I havent felt the same without her. It hurts so bad and I just want to be able to touch her again. She has been my world and best friend for the past 13 years. I know it was the best and thats what Meme (sasha) would have wanted but I havent been able to forgive myself for letting her go until tonight. I know shes here with me and ill forever cherish what you guys did not only for her but for me as well. Keri Humm

You recently took care of our pet (6181). I just wanted to thank you, the urn is beautiful, and I am greatful for the snippet of fur. I hope to not have to us your services again,, but with seven more I'm sure I will. Tnhak you again. Jim Knight

I just received Micha's ashes yesterday and am very impressed to say the least. I was very nervous about the type of person that would be handling her, the quality of the care she would receive and if it would even be her that was returned to me... how would I know? I felt so much better when I received my package with her urn, lock of her hair, the poems, letter, wildflower seeds to plant in her memory and her precious little paw prints. Of course I cried when I opened it. This has been a very sad time for me, I loved my kitty like she was part of my family and her death was very sudden. I feel better now that I have her back home with me.... I was not ready to let her go. She will be forever missed and now I have a beautiful memorial of her thanks to you. Kristi Robbins

I just wanted to send my "Thank You" and sincere appreciation for your services and the special thought that goes into the way you memorialize pets. My little guy was a special part of my life. I now have the peace of knowing that he was treated in a dignified manner after his passing. This has been very important to me and has helped being able to personally deal with the sadness and loss of my best friend. I am able to visit with him everyday. Again, thank you and may God always bless you for your compassion and kindness. Sherry Soderholm

I just want to say thank you all for the support and for being so. Great with buttercup when you called me back today you were really kind and really sounded like you care which made me know for sure buttercup was treated with love and care he was not only just a dog he was my BEST friend my baby and I will never forget him and thanks to you all he will be with me forever so I just wanted to say thank you all for helping me be able to bring him back home. R.I.P. buttercup hawkins 06/11/2010--07/12/2012. Dlorah and danny hawkins Dlorah Hawkins

I just wanted to express to you how much we appreciate your company, especially Nate Ferguson. We were so emotional when we called last week and just didn't know what avenue we were going to take, but after speaking with Nate, we were able to make a choice. When he came to get Bailey, the time he took with us and the way he spoke to us just made all the difference in the world. The way he handled Bailey, well that is when we knew we made the right choice. We could tell he honestly cared about us and Bailey and his compassion was so comforting. He brought Bailey back today and carried forward with the same compassion as he expressed last week. We believe he made a very sad situation much easier to handle and made our grieving process so much better. Thank you, The Cochran family RIP Bailey – Our sweet boy – 7/12/12 The Cochran Family

We just got our beloved Ji Ji back today and we wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such wonderful care of him. It was amazing the care you took of him.... from the paw prints, too the beautiful box, poem, letter and the heart filled with flower seeds and his lockets of fur. This was one of the hardest things we've ever had to do besides laying our child to rest four months ago. Our son Chanze passed away on Jan 27th 2012 from complications of Pre-Eclampsia. This may seem to be an odd thing to say but, we were no where near as happy with the funeral home as we were for you guys. We were even a little nervous at first because of the events that occurred with them, but you have restored our faith in love and thats something worth mentioning. Thank you and your truly doing something special for many people. <3 Benjamin,Kimberly & Ji Ji Newman The Newman Family

I just wanted to take time out to express my gratitude. My Auggie boy was so sweet and from the first time my sister talked to you all on the phone and when you all took time out to bring Auggie home. The love was so noticed. You came into my home and took time to go over everything. Just the details of you kind thoughts from his paw prints and hair lock. Moved me so. I finally took the heart and planeted it. You are wonderful people to know how much our four leggy babies mean to us.. Thank you so much for the kind and sweet way you handled my baby boy. God Bless.. Tammie Sparks Tammie Sparks

Paw Prints, We just want to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have given us from Sadie Bug. Especially for her hair and paw prints. You are the best company for those like us whom has lost a child of our family. We are grateful! Ronda Huff

Hello, In January 2013 our sweet cat Angel passed away, she was a few months shy of 17. Being that we are not from your area, the special packet of care was a nice touch in our painful time of loss. We were touched and thank you for that. Thanks again : ) Linda and Peter Linda and Peter

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