The Paw Pod Experience

At Paw Pods, they believe people deserve a better way to cope with the loss of a beloved family member. That’s why they developed Paw Pods—the new standard for burial of a beloved pet. Paw Pods works with veterinarians and the retail pet industry to provide an eco-friendly pet burial system to transport much-loved pets to their final resting place. Each Paw Pods system includes a biodegradable burial pod, sympathy card and seeded leaf to be planted with the pod. The pod and card create a beautiful living memorial that can be cherished for years. The Paw Pods system can be used to memorialize a pet and acknowledge the circle of life.

The Green Factor
Paw Pods is committed to green practices. Their products are made from 100%-Bamboo and Rice Husk. They use all natural dyes, glues, and sealers in their Patent Pending process. They simply believe that all good things come from the earth and shall return there, and they want to do their part to protect the environment.

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