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Trim loved the outdoors and his feline sister Myra Stephanie Ruffin

Sebe you are the best kitty in the world: the most perfect creature to ever of walked this earth. I'll miss you forever. You were my pride and joy for the 14 1/2 years I had the honor of caring for you. You changed my life in living and in your passing. I no longer wish to win the lottery or PB jackpot. I don't need to buy another ticket. I had everything I ever wanted when I had you and realize it when I lost you. Rest in peace at the Rainbow Bridge. I would give everything I own to have you back my love. You are the love of my life. Love and Kisses, The Brizendine Family Sherry Brizendine

Duke loved to be hugged and put his head on our lap. Unlike most Golden Retrievers, he did not like the water after he became an adult dog, but he sacrificed his dislike of the water to swim with us in our pool. He was a great companion from the first day we got him until his last day with us. We will cherish all the days we had with him. His memory will live in our hearts forever. Miriam Weiser

Happy Bentley Greg Treas

Best Dog Ever! Nina Carberry

We were blessed 14 1/2 years with the sweetest baby ever. The kisses and love we got every time we walked in the door was unbelievable.If Love could have saved youYou would have lived forever. Until we meet again our Baby. Luna the heartache and pain is unbearable that we feel. You were our Baby and nothing will ever be able to replace you. The smiles and laughter you brought we will never forget. I know you are chasing the squirrels in heaven. Luna not only were you beautiful you were so sweet and Loving I miss your kisses that we got in the morning & every time I picked you up. We were so Lucky to be your Daddy and Mommie.Luna WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER!! Goodbye My Sweet Baby Girl 9-11-03 to 1-18-18 Lynn and Ron Humphries

You were the absolute best cat. My favorite memory of you if the way you chose me at the adoption center that day, six years ago. I’ll never find another cat that completes my heart the way you did, and I know I’m not meant to. Rest easy, you beautiful soul. Jess Rogers

I adopted Nemo the last week of July 2003. I had lived in Florida for all of a couple of weeks. I decided I finally wanted my very own indoor kitty! I was so excited when I went out searching, and I didn't search long. I found him at Petsmart. He was 8 weeks old, and had a brother named Rambo. His original name was "The Duke of Duchess." He was $50. I chose Nemo because of his beautiful striped pattern, his playfulness, and his very large paws. He was adorable. I tried to call him Duke for a couple of days, then I tried Oliver, but finally decided on Nemo (upon my husband-at-the-times request), Captain Nemo to be exact..from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Nemo was a lot to care for at first. We lived in a tiny 500 sq foot apartment, and his litter was in my bathroom. He began making huge messes in the bathroom with the litter and it would get all wet and stick to the floor. I immediately cried one afternoon as I had to clean it up saying "what have I done?" But in the end, his messes were worth having him. I was only 19 at the time, and Nemo taught me a lot about putting something before myself. Over the years, Nemo became my absolute best friend. He was there when my husband went away. He was there when I sobbed because I missed him, or my family, or because of whatever. He was there for me through my first move. He was there for me through the deaths of my grandparents, the separation from my husband, and many moves. He was my constant, and I his. He was what I squeezed at night when I was alone. He was there to greet me after a long day at work, and he was ALWAYS happy to be there. Nemo was no ordinary cat. He was very distinctly different because he loved attention, affection, being close to me, and he was protective. If I was upset, he knew it and would come console me. He was a good, good cat. Nemo got sick a lot due to urinary stones. The first time it happened, he was only a couple of years old and I had no idea what was happening. He was in pain and hiding, and looked terrible. I thought he was dying and I went in a panic. Gladly through the years, the Lord provided me with enough cash to save him each time. But, in the end, he developed terrible arthritis in his back legs that medication could no longer fix. He grew weaker, and slowly I began realizing that the end was coming. My 14 year old kitty was an old, tired boy. I cannot tell you with words how much losing him hurts. He was my best friend. I have many friends, but no human could ever amount to to what he meant to me. Maybe that sounds silly, but its my truth. Nemo and I were soulmates in a sense. When he died, a part of me left with him. I know he is resting now and not in pain, but I am in much pain still. I would have done all I could to keep him here just a little while longer, but he showed me on Thursday and Friday that Saturday was indeed the day he had chosen. I am glad I could assist him to Heaven, but I am so sad that I have to wait to see him again. Nemo, thank you for loving me. I love you SO much Nemo. I miss you! Meet me at the gates Stephanie Bedsaul

Our sweet Joey (Joseph Paul, who is named after Joseph Paul Torre and Joseph Paul DiMaggio because we adopted him from an SPCA event while attending a New York Yankees game) was our very special boy and we cherish every minute of the 11 and a half years that he was in our lives. He was 13 years old when he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and the first year and a half of his life were pretty rough so we did our best to make the rest of his life the best it could be. He has 4 sisters that miss him terribly. He was their friend, their brother, their protector and their hero. Twice, he saved his sister, Bella, from being killed by a poisonous snake bite. Losing him was one of the hardest things that we have ever experienced but the care that you took of our baby boy was extraordinary and we couldn't be more grateful for all of the keepsakes that we received along with his remains. The fur clippings, the beautiful box, the paw prints and the poems were overwhelming and such a comfort during a very difficult time. Thank you for giving him the same kind of precious care that we tried to give him during his life. With much love, respect and gratitude, Lauren and Vinni Lulli Laurel Lulli

Our little Riley, you were our baby for 12 of your 16 years. Many say we spoiled you, but you certainly spoiled us. You were such a good boy. We've been missing you everyday since receiving your angel wings on Dec. 24th, 2017. We hope you are able to run after squirrels again & enjoy long walks as you used to do. Your paw prints will remain on our hearts forever. We will always love you Laura and TJ Hochlinski

You have left my life, but you will NEVER leave my heart. My sweet girl .... Miss you. Tammy Adams

Abby would always had a hard tail and in the mornings she would come and pick my face and then turn around and I would get wacked in the face with her tail Kylie Baker

Vidulant protector ♡ Always there to greet with a wag ♡ Never too busy to chase lizards :)♡ Alison Wilson

Our little buddy. You stole my heart when I saw you in that rescues cage. I just wish we could have made you better. But Im so glad you got to expierence love, affection, be spoiled and doted on. Even though we only had two weeks with you. I'm so sorry you had to come into this world sickly but I loved you so much Im glad I could give you whatever time you could give us. You were too young to go so soon but experienced so much love. Safe travels Murdock. Lorial Valzone

Our Miss Lucky came to us out of the woods in the North Carolina mountains in 2000, she was about a year old. She became a Florida dog and loved digging for crabs on the beach, stalking squirrels, running in circles, and going for long walks with mom and dad. She loved traveling with us, barking at cows and horses along the way. She was a cherished member of our family. Lucky passed away on December 23rd, 2017, she was 18. Tom and Donna Cutter

My Chewy was the best doggie I have ever had. She was adorable when I got her and throughout her lifetime from June 2004 until December 24, 2017, She was everyone's "little girl." She rarely had an accident in the house. When she did it was the fault of the adult for not letting her outside. She always came up to me, or my husband, and sat there looking at us with a forlorn look in her eyes. We knew she had to go out. We have the yard fenced in for our doggies. She had champion blood in her and thus, was probably inbred. She was the smallest of my four Yorkies. And had some medical issues. I will, forever, hold her in my heart and there will never, ever be a replacement for her. She only weighed 5.4 lbs. When she died she had gone down to 4.5 lbs. I know that if there is a Doggie Heaven, my Chewy went there. Angeles Glick

My Magic brought so much joy to my life. My older brother brought her home when she was just a kitten. Even though she wasn't technically my cat at the time, it was so obvious to everyone that she chose me. Our bond is so special to me because of that. She would follow me where ever I went. When she was a kitten she would sleep across my neck. We spent 16.5 beautiful years together. She fiilled my days with so much love. She was my baby. She passed of kidney failure at home peacefully while we cuddled together and I held her paw. I miss her terribly. Tomorrow will be exactly two weeks and sometimes I still think that maybe I will just wake up and she'll be lying there at my feet. I dont know what I did to deserve to be the mom of such a wonderful cat, but I feel like the luckiest person to have had her in my life. The memories I have of her are etched in my mind and heart forever. Saying goodbye to her has been the hardest thing I have had to do and I am so grateful to paw prints crematory for the compassionate care they showed my beloved Magic. When I received the envelope with her fur in it, I crumbled. I never thought I would feel her fur again, so thank you so much for that. ..I love you so much Magic♡ until we meet again.. Erica Castine

Beloved Andy, You were a funny, goofy, lovable cat. You loved everyone and anyone. Anyone that came over, fell in love with you. You were very vocal and loved to sit on our laps. Your frienenemy "Lyla" misses you. She misses cuddling with you. Andy, you were Batman with your black pointy ears. You looked distinguished with your little black dash of a half mustache. You loved your kitty grass. You made us laugh with your "dry fire" meows and tolerating playing dressup. Our favorite was your darth vador and yamaka. We miss you dearly. Cheryl & A.J. Cheryl and AJ Frederick

Charly was our baby for 16 wonderful years. Although we are extremely heartbroken he is no longer with us, we are relieved that our boy is no longer suffering. I am grateful that you guys took such good care of him. To be honest we didn't know how things were going to be and we were a little worried. When we picked him up this morning the worry left us as he was given back to us in a lovely box and with all the other things you had for us.. especially having his hair it just overwhelmed us. Thank you from our heart. Our boy is at rest and running free WE LOVE YOU CHARLY. Xx Linda and Carlton Simms

Though his name was Demon. He was a Angel. A cat who was there for me through bad, sad times. He was connected to me as my therapy cat. Laura Hilton

Every Christmas Simon would be the first one to open his gifts. He brightened a lot of peoples lives with his antics. Kevin Wall

Sasha was a little dog with a big heart she rescued me 7 years ago she never left my side some of my most cherished memory's of her was how she would spend hours watching me decorate the Christmas tree she loved Christmas i remember one Christmas she took her stocking and hid under the bed it was her way of getting her Christmas presents early sasha was more than a pet sasha was like my child i have so many cherished memories I couldn't begin to write them all down Sasha will be deeply missed but will forever be in my heart Susan Kirkland

Rest in peace sweet girl. Karen Ray

Forever in my heart, RIP beautiful Martha Johnson

Madison may not have been an official emotional support animal but she filled that role in every way. I got her when she was already older but her energy was like that of a puppy. I wish I could say it was old age that got her but unfortunately sickness and cancers get the best of people. My favorite memories are truly all of them and to pick just one isnt easy. She was sweet and above all else the most beautiful soul Ive ever met. Her favorite things were to watch squirrels, play with cats, the beach, bath time, whenever it was time for cuddles and kisses. She wasnt too fond of selfies or cameras at all when I first met her but she grew to enjoy being in pictures and videos. She was my hiking buddy and I'm just grateful I got to be a part of her life. My princess, my baby squirrel. Jessica Agee

Our pup Daly, shown here about 3-4 years ago. We loved him dearly and it is hard to live without him. Although arthritis took a toll on him, he is now at a place with no more pain, running freely. I will see your precious soul again one day my love! Donna and Glen Drobot

My little spotted pit bull, my cow-dog, came to me when I was operating the only pit bull rescue in WV back in 2006. It was 4:00 in the morning when he arrived, he had been found tied to the back of a truck in a parking lot in freezing temps and was only weeks old. He immediately stole my heart. Through the early years he chewed $1000's of electronics and shoes and purses, he destroyed countless stuffed toys, and reminded me nightly when it was time for bed. We travelled the entire East Coast advocating against BSL, he made presentations to numerous elected officials, did TV interviews, and made friends with a lot of State Legislators. He taught children and teens about bullying based on appearance, worked with various law enforcement agencies to educate about dog-fighting and animal abuse investigations. But at the end of everyday, he was "just a dog" that completed my life. We played tug and fetch, we snuggled, we shared my plate of food. He shared the best and the worst days of my life, including the loss of my parents and my oldest daughter. He loved Christmas presents, and bringing grocery bags in (surely there was toy or treat in there for him). He was my Bubby, I will miss him forever, but always be thankful for the blessing he brought to my life. Jo Staats

We adopted Stetson as a part of a Senior two-some a little less than 2 years ago. He was such a loving dog, and a bit of a clown hound. He had a stuffed duck (or the remains of one) that he would carry around the house with him where ever he went. His favorite thing was to go outside and chase the lizards in the yard. He also loved to settle at my husband's feet in his home office, and he would also like to lay on the couch with his head in my husband's lap, after first putting his chin on the seat of the couch, his way of asking permission to get on the couch. Sammy, the other half of the two-some we adopted, misses him; he settles by the front door, waiting for Stetson to come home...Even though we were blessed for just under two years with this wonderful friend, he wormed his way into our hearts, we will always love him and remember the wonderful times we had with him... Judy Morrow

Our Jack Russell, Belvedere, was a beloved family member. He was Amanda's "ratfink" , our "old man" and "big brother" to Bacardi and Remi. He is deeply missed. Our solace is that now he has joined Troi, Mr. Spock and Zambukka. Play forever! We miss you ! Leslie Shimulunas

All the moments lived with her were special. always playful, affectionate and above all very special. loved by all. love never lacked and where she will always remain the princess of the house We love you for always my girl. Barbara Garcia

I miss my sweet Lucy and dear friend. She stood by my side for almost 17 years. Love always, your human, your Mom. Leighann Woods

Garfield was a stray cat who adopted me, and he gave me his all. He opened my heart to cats. Before him I really did not care for cats but he completely and totally changed all that forever. I only had him for five years but in that time he became a cherished friend and I do miss him. And, everyone, and I do mean everyone, who met him thought very highly of him. He was a cat that would come when called, he not only would come but would come running each and every time. I don't know what I did to deserve him but he became part of me that will last forever. Edward Carter

Krissy was the boss of our pack. We have 5. She was a Mommy dog to our Lab Ben, until he out grew her. She was very protective, and although stubborn, we loved her and will miss her. Thank you for your kindness and help in a sad time. Barbara Kraft

I remember the day we saw you for the first time. You were three months old and you were the most beautiful kitten of all. We fell in love with you soon. You brought so much joy into our lives. Today I open my eyes and I can not believe you're not here with us anymore. Every day I wake up thinking that everything has been a dream, that you continue here. It was 14 wonderful years that God allowed us to have you. You gave us as much love as we do to you. You will always be in our hearts, rest in peace my beloved Punky. Myrna Moreno

Francois was the best little dog. When we first got him we knew this was no ordinary dog. He was the runt of his litter, he had bright pink skin around his eyes , a light brown nose and pink paws. He got kicked out of obedience school. It was not easy for him to interact with other dogs so he usually attacked them and there was no greater delight for him than scaring someone off their bike! What a hoot! As he got older this all calmed down. Francy was the most trusting dog ever, this worked well for him later in life when he became deaf and in his last months of life also blind. He would sit on the counter so patiently in the morning while he got his eye drops, blood sugar taken and then his medication. He never yelped once at a blood sugar stick or a shot. He always trusted me. I miss him so much! RIP Francois 12/12/06--10/6/17 Thank you so much for the sweet paw print, snippet of hair and the nice poem. It was unexpected and much appreciated! Cindy Masley

Sweet Emily was loved by all and was my true companion. She was the most wonderful dog that anyone could ever hope to have. I will miss her forever. Diane Leifer

Chase the squirrels Sweet Pea!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful member of our family, and you will be truly missed. We will love you always. Love, Brantley, Jill, and John Brantley Lowe

Roscoe was my life and every moment I spent with him was cherished. He changed my life and showed me what love was. He was always there whether I was happy or sad and loved taking pictures with me. Roscoe and I were alike in a lot of ways and our bond was unbreakable. He was the best 17 years of my life that I'll cherish forever and there will never be a day that goes by where I don't think about him. I love you Roscoe. Until we meet again Christien Jarvis

Roscoe was a member of our family and brought so much life, love and happiness to us for 17 1/2 years. He had many nicknames such as Roscoe P Cole Train, Peco and lil bud. We have many wonderful memories of Roscoe and he will remain in our hearts forever. Debbie Hicks

Birdie has been apart of the family for years. It's hard to think about you not being there with us anymore. Evacuating 2 dogs and a bird is what we would tell people. We can't leave birdie he's apart of our family as well. Making all kinds of noises to get our attention. Fussing at the dog to leave you alone. Birdie you will truly be missed. Dejanira Hernandez

My Lil man was with me for 14+ years. He had been abused by the first owner and when he came to live with me I promised that no one would ever hurt him again. I kept my promise and put a number of activities on hold once he became deaf and blind. He loved to snuggle and we often called him our "snuggle buggle dog". He always waited on the stairs for me when I was gone, even had to be picked up and put to bed when I was out of town. I miss him so much!!! Priscilla Tanner

Dogs love us Unconditionally, Softening our lives with Sweetness and Affection. I'll Always Love You Ladii Alycia Melbourne

It seems odd to be writing a memory of Scarlett, as we were just making new memories a few days ago. Scarlett was a third sister to my two daughters, she was a member of our family. Scarlett woke me up repeatedly at 3am to go outside and sniff around for WAY too long as I tried to maintain patience waiting for her. She napped at my feet when I would work from home. She was small enough to tag along for many road trips. Scarlett was ever present in our lives. We have a hole in our lives without her. We love you Scarlett! Justin Brown

Dixie was the sweetest dog I have ever had. She loved all our family and friends! Especially Russell and Regina and many more. She loved to have company. Sandra O'Dell

Shayla was an amazing, loving girl. She loved her family, and we love her. I'm sad that she is gone, but I'm glad for the time we had. We will always love you baby girl! Thank you Paw Prints for helping us care for our girl, and for returning her home to watch over us Crystal Whitman

He was just the best boy. A sweet, sweet boy. He was my best friend. I miss him everyday. Every walk sweating in the sun, every dollar I had to spend, I have no regrets. I would do it all again and again for Maximus. Tori Davis

I remember the first time I visited a pet shop in ny and all the dogs looked tired except for one golden retriever who stood up and tapped the glass he was full of energy and it's like he chose me and I picked him from there he would follow me all the time and cry when I went to leave he was like my best friend even while he watched me while I slept and would come to me and put his paw on my lap and stare at me as if he was smiling and content the day I lost him I realized he impacted my life so much that a piece of my heart was gone when he left my girls cried so hard knowing they couldn't say goodbye but I know with his spirit he will come back some way or another since his passing I have seen nothing but butterflies and his presence at home that dog was truly loyal and devoted to me and my family and I appreciate pawprints for everything through the process of my dogs passing God bless you all and your pets. Felicia Babb

Jackson was a beautiful tri-color beagles full of energy and love. He was the perfect dog for our family and gave us over 15 years of compassion and friendship. He will be revered and missed dearly! John Andrews

Rosie was a spunky loveable pup. My favorite moment with her was first thing in the morning when I cuddled her while reading the news. She will always be my baby. Donna Folmar

The Beef, our beloved cat of 15 years, unexpectedly got sick last month and we had to make the difficult decision to say goodbye. He was a bit of a nuisance at times, but he was a sweet kitty who lived for treats and naps. I will always think of his loud purr and huge paws. He will always be missed, but I'm so glad we have the paw print impression and tons of photos to remember him by. Carrie Choswke

We lost our best friend to aggressive lung cancer - he showed no signs at all until the last day of his life. We are devastated and lost....we love him so much...at least he did not suffer with an extended illness, but the sudden shock is unbearable. Coco was loyal, smart, kind, and the most beautiful Golden you ever saw. Out Bubba...our Buddy....always by my side. I will miss you Coco - I love you more than you can ever imagine and I will see you again over the Rainbow Bridge xoxo Jenny Eddy

Our big bear dog is gone. He helped us through many trying times and did not ask for anything in return but our love. He was a part of our family and will be missed dearly. Good bye Kato, my biggest bear dog in the world. David and Teresa Mossman

Long walks, watching you fly through the air to grab a Frisbee, playing fetch and tug of war with your beloved Bouda toy and taking car rides. We saved each other, my beautiful, vibrant friend. You tried so hard to stay with me. Snow Angel, you will be in my heart all of my days. Margi Peterson

My Baby Girl, you stole my heart from the beginning. You quietly listened to all my gripes worries and secretes, your love for me never withered. I will never forget you. You will always have my heart. You had brought to me so much love. You were a real blessing. Donna Tom

We got Cinnamon because someone shined a light into our children's bedroom late one night and we knew we needed a dog for protection. When we met her she was a puppy (6 weeks old) and we were trying to decide between her and her brother, but Cinnamon crawled up in my lap and fell asleep. I knew right then, she was the one I wanted. She was not an easy dog, over the years tearing up many items like cell phone charger cords, blankets, sofas, jackets, shirts, underwear, towels, she loved to eat anything she found on the floor. But she gave us so many years of protection, and safety. She was a best friend to my youngest, a snuggle bunny to my oldest and a loyal friend to us all. She was very playful and would at times get rough, but when she realized she bit too hard, she would feel incredibly bad and lick you to make it better. She always had a smile (that was the pit in her), and she loved every body she met, except other animals. My niece was her special friend, the one who would come and care for her when we would go on vacation. We won't ever have another like you baby girl and all of us miss you like crazy. When we go to get ice we expect you to come running and sit waiting on your ice cube, or when I peel potatoes I expect to hear you come and whine for a piece. We wanted so many more years with you, but 9 is all we got. We love you Cinnamon and take comfort knowing you are waiting for us. Be nice to the other animals sweetie, and we will see you again beautiful Cinnamon. Robin Bradshaw

Freyja was unlike any other dog I have ever known. She loved to cuddle and to give hugs and kisses. She had a soft spot for stuffed squeaker toys and loved to play fetch with her orange ball. She would jump and squeak whenever you said "do you want to go for a ride". Freyja wasn't in our family long but she certainly made it eventful. She was far from perfect but she was ours and we wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Rest in the sweetest peace our Freyja baby. Angela Meneses

Juicey came to us in 2006 on my daughter's first day of kindergarten. She was so fat and chunky we had to give her that name. As she grew bigger she you couldn't tell her she wasn't still small. It was nothing for her to sit in your lap or on your foot and would pretend she couldn't hear you when you told her to move..she was fun and loving and learned how to smile showing all her teeth when she was happy. The bond between my daughter and Juice was unbreakable. Where you saw my daughter, you saw her. When she was sick she was there, when she was sleep, she was there to protect her. When it was time for her to come home from school she was near the window, and when my daughter's friends would come over Juicey was right in the mix. Although she was a pit bull we often traveled with her and people would stop and stare at how obedient she was...she would ride in the back seat ans wouldn't sit up until you came to a complete stop. We couldn't travel home to Virginia without family wanting to know if she was there or not to visit. Thats how sweet she was. Juice was rare and will never be forgotten! Her presence is surely missed already. Although we greive now I am glad my daughter had the chance to experience such a sweet spirit. Michelle Williams

You were my contestant companion, best friend, you were my favorite above all others. I love you Momma Bear. Jessica Soto

Our fur baby of 14 years was an amazing dog. A very unique personality. He will be missed dearly by we are grateful that he has lived a very spoiled happy life. RIP baby puppy. We love you. Patty Cox

Our sweet Ralf. You brought so much joy to our lives in your short 9 years on this earth. Thank you for being my best friend, little piggy, sweet baby, and now guardian angel. Thank you for always showing us unconditional love. We are so blessed that we had you by our side in life's journey. We will miss all your hops when you barked, warm snuggles, juicy sneezes, cinnamon bun tail wags, how excited you were as we played fetch, running to the door to smother us with love, sweet pug kisses, endless snorts, your handsome self in your fancy bow tie, our walks which included you smelling EVERY mailbox, your little dances as you got fed, floating like a captain on your pool raft, soaking up every ounce of sun, your excitement for each and every car ride, watching trash tv with me (since your dad isn't into that), running to the fridge or pantry every time we opened it, your love of cheese, and your zest for life. You made life so much fun! There was never a dull moment with you. Even though a half of my heart died with you, the other half is filled with sweet memories of you. I will cherish those memories every single day of my life. I look forward to the day I can hug you and see your sweet face again. We love you Ralf Aristotle, forever and always. Ashley Henry

You were the light of my life my sweet angel. I will miss you so much. Lindsey Callaway

Eli loved the beach! In his younger days he would "body surf". In his older days he was happy just to walk to the edge of the water and let the waves wash over him as he lay in the sand, his big tongue hanging out. This picture was taken the morning of his passing. It is now my image of him walking from me to the bridge, to wait; but, in the meantime, my loyal boy will get the happier, healthier life he deserves. Oh how I miss him. There is a huge hole in my life. He got me through some very tough times in my life so he has earned this rest. I pray we will walk together again some day. I believe we will. Pam Crenshaw

Hi. This is my first time in my life that I had to cremate a love one. It has been very, very hard situation. My family and I feel like we lost a part of us. Pretty was only 9 yrs old. Cancer unfortunetly spread thru out her body without control.:(. But even though, my family and I lost one of us. We would like to say thank you for your service. She did arrived at the Ponde Vedra animal Clinic in a nice beautiful box ,with beautiful messages. Thank you very much for each one of your staff. The Mendes Grace Mendes

Poobah started her life as the runt of a litter of feral cats. She was so tiny when I brought her home that she fit inside the pocket of my hoodie. Poobah loved, protected and supported me her whole life. When she was only six months old she killed a pygmy rattle snake that had got into our garage under the door. She presented the dead snake to me at my bedside, it was longer than she was! Poobah was my best friend and matron of the house for seventeen years. Everyone loved her. She was feisty, but always sweet, loving and friendly. Even confirmed "dog people" adored her. I miss my beautiful little furry angel every day and look forward to seeing her again in Heaven. Erin Walker

One afternoon, during an awful storm, I made a trip to the store. It was raining so hard with loud thunder and lightning. I ran into the store, got what I needed and came back out. I saw a very scared shivering dog trying to hide on the side of the building. I went right back inside and got him a can of food. Sitting there as he ate the food I saw that he had no collar. He had something about him that I cannot describe. His eyes seemed to extend his emotion. I opened my car door and he ran straight over to me, then jumped right in the passenger seat. I took him home, dried him off and gave him more food. He was so skinny and covered in fleas. We sat there together for hours as I removed them from him. I could feel that he was grateful and felt safe. From that night on he slept on my bed at my feet. I was there for him that day and in return he was there for me during my times of uncertainty, fear and pain. In my times of dark depression or hurt he would feel it and come lay next to me or smack me with his paw so I paid attention to what mattered. Socks was an old soul, his eyes looked distinctly human. They though him to be around twelve, but I know his time on our plane of existence reached much further than that. He loved to play, run and chase the cats around. He always wanted to be near someone who loved him. You could really feel when he was happy, sad or scared and he felt the same of you. I believe that I was meant to find him that day so that we could make each other's lives better... and so we did. He deserved all the love in the world and we gave him all we had to give. Socks will always be in my heart. His happy, expression filled face will always be in my mind. His love will forever be in my soul and I will miss him until the end of time. Todd Manley

Words cannot express how thankful I am to Paw Prints for how caring they were with my beloved Kylie. Kylie was my best friend for 14 years and I had only been in Jacksonville for eight weeks when Kylie passed. Hillary and Kelly went above and beyond to make me comfortable and confident that Kylie would be well taken care of. From the arrangements to receive my sweet boy I could have not asked for anything more. The Paw Print letter of condolences, the small hair sample, I'm just beyond grateful for everything Paw Prints Crematory has done for me to help ease the pain in such a difficult time in my life. Again thank you so much Paw Prints Crematory. Tina Spradlin

On may 4th 2017 I lost a big part of myself. My baby girl passed away in under 30 minutes after I got home from AP testing. In devastated but am slightly happy to know I will be seeing her again soon. Maybe not in her physical form but as ash. At least this way she'll be with me always wherever I go. The void won't ever be filled but she will be here. I can't wait to have her back, to know that she is here. I thank this place for picking her up and soon returning her back to me. Amber Joslin

Rachael loved to have her car rides every morning, and would remind me that we had to go each and every day, even on the last day of her life. She loved to play ball, and to get me on the floor, to play with her toys. She demanded and loved her belly rubs on the bed every night. She hated thunderstorms and would seek out refuge under the covers with "mommy" close to her for comfort. She would go through each grocery bag, when we got home, to find her special toy, that she knew we got for her. She gave us comfort when we were down, and would sit close to us when we needed her. She was fiercely loyal and so very sweet. There will be none other like her. I will miss her terribly. Donald St. Pierre

Duchess,you have brought our family so much joy, happiness,peace and love. Our house hasn't been the same since you left. We miss you so much. You have left a huge impact on our hearts. We will always remember and love you forever. Until we again our four legged daughter and sister. The Gonzalez Family

Molly was my soul mate for too short of a time on earth. I love her gentleness, affection and softness. Rest in peace and happiness my love, and thanks for rescuing me xoxoxo Michel Pellerin

We only had Cairo for less than 2 years, but he was full of life, love and devotion. He protected our kids always and wad always ready to play a game of fetch in the back yard. He is gone way too soon, and we have a large hole in our family with his loss. Cairo Austin

Our little Snuggles was a joy to our lives a blessing for 16 years. We miss her but we know that we will see her again, restored with youth and a gleam in her eyes. We love you baby girl and miss you!!! Debbie Sheffield

TONNA 2002-2017 CH/INTL CH BrazenRock Vidam Tars Vadasz JH ROM 14 1/2 years ago our Tonna was born from the first BrazenRock litter (Boots x Morgan). Gentle, sweet, smart and beautiful, with a passion for hunting and swimming, Tonna was the perfect match for Chris Fraier and Judy Johnson who wanted a hunting showdog and biddable companion for her mama, Morgan. Tonna shined in the ring and field, but her forte was demonstrated in the 2 litters she produced that attained titles of 4 Champions, 4 Grand Champions, 7 Junior Hunters, 2 Canine Good Citizens, 1 Coursing Ability and 1 Certified therapy Dog. Their achievements in the ring are numerous and include such prestigious awards as Westminster Best of Opposite Sex, multiple Best in Specialty Shows, Group placements and a Top Ten ranking. Along with VCA National awards of Best in Puppy Sweeps, 2x Reserve Winners Bitch, Best Bred by Exhibitor, 3x Award of Merit and multiple National class wins and placeme nts. Receiving Top Producer status in 2011, the crowning tribute to Tonna and her get was being awarded Brood Bitch class winner at the 2010 VCA Nationals out of a class of 25. An achievement we're especially proud of since her dam, Morgan was also a VCA Brood Bitch class winner in 2003. Tonna whelped puppies that could earn titles and win awards, but above all she produced puppies that were superior companions, excellent with children and pets and just down right loveable. A breeder couldn't aks for more than what Tonna gave. As we sadly say farewell to this MOST special girl, we rejoice in the memories that were made throughout her life. Her personality and abilities are undeniably visible in her grand puppies. Keeping her presence with us for many years to come. Until we meet again, sweet Tonna, we will miss you Christina Frazier

Murphy our almost 15 year old Standard Poodle, was a certified pet therapy dog for all of his life. He went to school with me every day and comforted many young people in turmoil and brought so much love and peace to the entire community. Last fall Murphy worked at our local Boys & Girls Club and he was 14 years old and was still giving comfort and service to others. He went to Unity Church with us here in Jacksonville, Florida, and people appreciated him so much, especially the children! We miss him so much but he gave us a great life and we gave him a wonderful life too! Kathleen Fuchs

Louise was the best birthday present I ever had. More affectionately known as Grandma Lois, she made every day a little bit better with every head-butt she'd give you. Old age got the best of her and it became her time 14 years after I got her. She lived the best life she could. Rest Easy my sweet monkey. Louise Granderson

Brandy was the sweetest most gentlest soul that God ever created. Kim Frenzel

Gloria was hit by a car and left partially paralyzed and loss of vision in one eye. I was able to construct a cart to help her regain some quality of life and mobility to see if she could be rehabbed and become strong enough to live out a forever home at the ARK, a wildlife sanctuary. She was pretty special to me and introduced me to a love of Gopher Tortoises that has opened many exciting doors and possible advocate options. Unfortunately after 3 months, Gloria lost her mini battle to her injuries, because of a motorist this amazing reptile perished, a keystone species to Florida who are federally threatened. Please look out for Gopher Tortoises and know that when they enter the road, and you want to help, your safety is number one! But keep them headed or facing in the same direction that they were found in, but move to the other side of the road. DON'T turn them around as if to back track, they will only end up back on the road, attempting to cross again! Chelsey Vowles

Zeze was a vield chameleon. She was my first cham ever! She could be cranky at times, but tolerated me trying to pet and love on her! When Zee was ready to head to Heaven and cross the Rainbow Bridge, I knew exactly who I wanted to help me remember her! I love you all so much at Paw Prints! You keep your hearts open to every living animal, great and small. The clay impression that you did for me of her tail coiled and her little feets made me smile! Chelsey Vowles

Rats need love too! Noodle was so awesome and smart!!! He loved to sit on our shoulders and walk around the house with us! Paw Prints was soo great to my daughter during the loss of her first pet! She has his urn and lock of fur displayed. Paw Prints helped an 8 year old understand what happens when your best pet heads to Heaven and the Rainbow Bridge! Helped understand grief the best way she could! So thank you! Chelsey Vowles

Today I said good-bye to my beloved companion, R.I.P. Hudson. He was almost 16 in May. You warmed your way into my heart 14 yrs ago by peeing on my clothes..lol. We were the best of buds. You stood by me through good and bad times and never judged. You were the best running partner one could ask for. Now you are free from pain and discomfort and happy to now be with your beloved brother Morgan and all your new friends and now we can continue to run toggether again.. We will always remain together in heart and soul and you will always leave special paw prints in my heart. I love you so much and I will never forget you. Good-bye my friend until we meet again. Leann Jones

Murphy Smith Beloved pet and companion Mark Smith

Diamond has been with me since 6 weeks of age, she helped with my disabled son who past 2014. She loved kids and family. She is truly missed. She with my son in heaven. Felicia Hill

He was a very loving son and he loved his daddy Irene Young

Dino was the best dog I ever could have grown up with. My family got him when I was just 2 years old and he just passed away at almost 18 years old. I would dress you up in tutu's, hats, dresses and shirts and you never once bit or nipped at me, not even when you were a little puppy, Dino. I remember when you would bring your own treats and hide them under my dad's pillow every morning, thinking he would want to eat them when he got up. You were the sweetest little doggie. I'll never forget your many excessive kisses and your unique bark that was so loud for a little dog, haha. I love you forever Dino. Words don't do any justice to how much I miss you and how much I love you. Thank you for being my best friend in the universe. No pet will ever compare to you. Alexis Andres

Shaggy, almost 6 yrs old, you were gone too fast and so unexpectedly that my heart breaks. However I try to remember all the good times we've shared in those 6 years. How you love to play with foil balls, hair ties and anything that resembled a string (even though most of the time it was my cell phone charger). You'd love to lay in the sink and always tried to be sneaky when turning the water on. I miss the big stories you had to share. I miss how I would say, "bedtime shaggy," and you'd be right behind me, hop on the bed and fall asleep next to me. You were an amazing, goofy and wild little dude. I'm sorry for not being able to help you. I love and miss you so much. 5/25/2011 - 3/3/2017 Rachel Windmiller

Cookie, 16 years old, past away peacefully surrounded by family. Her little life started in a corn field in Sedalia, Missouri in 2001. In 2002, she became my wild pet kitty. Hailey was a year old. Throughout her life, she lived in 7 different states and helped raise 2 little girls who will forever love and miss her. Anyone who ever met cookie, would tell you she was such a special unique kitty that listened to me when I told her to do something and came when I called her. I knew this day would eventually come, I just never had any idea how I would ever say goodbye. Cookie, you have been with me through it all, loving me unconditionally. I will continue to bring you with me on this journey through life for as long as I am on this earth. I will forever miss you. We love you cookers. Sereena Stalling

Vicki, we only had you a short time in Jacksonville after you suffered the loss of both your mistress and your master in Maryland. Within 24 hours you were a part of your new home, enjoyed your backyard and never barked at the squirrels or other animals----you just stood there and watched them. You became friends quickly with all the cats living around us----one day they even followed you home after one of your walks. In Maryland you shared your walks with deer so this was a major change. You were a sweet and loving pet and wanted to please everyone. You were shy at first with strangers but you wanted to be friends with all----animal and human. In a short span of time all the neighbors knew your name but not the walkers! You have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and are now back with those who went before you. We will miss you, Vicki. Love, Martha & Rich Martha and Rich Medley

Taylor was our buddy and whenever we came home, he was always enthusiastically the first to greet you and ask me how the day went by bringing a gift of some sort: a shoe, a sock, a blanket, a stuffed animal, or no telling. Whatever he could find, he brought it. He grew up with our boys, he was Laura's most special Taylor and he was truly the most loyal companion anyone could ever have. Our boy will always be missed and our hearts will forever be grateful that he was a very special part of our family! He was absolutely incredible and loved without conditions. Rest in peace my boy. There will never be anyone that can ever take your place in our hearts. Laura Kondroik

It is with deep sadness that we had to say goodbye to a member of our family this week. On February 03, 2017 we had to say goodbye to Fred also known as Buddy. He was a protector and a friend. He had a personality all his own and he really was such a good boy. Fred was with us in good and bad times. We were able to share his company for almost 10 years. Our lives will never be the same without him here. We will miss him and we will love him always Holly West

My little sweetheart of 17yrs & 8months.We spent your entire beautiful life together..every minute of the day.You made me laugh during times when there wasn't much to laugh at.I've missed you terribly this last week and I will miss you and continue to love you for the rest of my life.My only relief is that God is caring for you now ,and that you're playing with your brother Darrell.Please let me hear your special unique bark when it's time for me to join you. Bruce Worrall

Lexie was our baby! She lived a happy life and we will miss her deeply! Shelly Johns

We loved our boy! He was the most compassionate dog in the world, and our hearts hurt from his loss. We love you Lucky! Until we meet again. <3 Stephanie Batista

We miss you so much Boo Boo. You were the coolest Golden ever. I'm sure you're running around doggie heaven with your flat basketball. You took a big part of my heart with you and I'll never forget you . Kisses, Mommy and Daddy. Robin Bennett

Missy, was a 8 year old half siamese. She was the most beautiful and confident little kitty. When I got her she was deathly ill, my family and I saved her life and i believe she truly knew that. She was not just our pet, she was a family member. She was my best fiend. She lived a loving and happy life. On January 20th, 2017 we unexpectedly lost her to chronic kidney failure. She will always be our baby girl. She will be loved and missed everyday forever. Savannah Schultheis

I had Gizmo since I was 19. 12 years she was by my side through this crazy ride called life. We have been through so much together, she even spent her last year of life in florida after living in Ohio. I watched her go from a crazy young cat to a little old lady. It broke my heart to have to put her down but I know she was done and ready to go. I'll miss you Giz... until we meet again. Amber Faustino

Tiger was the best cat! He lived his life to the fullest being an indoor/outdoor cat until he got too old. He loved to climb everything from Palm trees to the highest piece of furniture. When he was the only cat in our house, he would hang out with the dogs like he was one of them. As we got other cars, he was always the one who lead the pack. He slept with me every night for 18 years, except for the nights he stayed out or got stuck in the garage. He was my best friend and I miss him Rest In Peace Tiger. I hope I'll see you again some day. The kids and I will always hold you in our hearts and memories! Janet Shepherd

Oscar my Boy, you came into my life over 15 years ago as a 7.5 pound, runt of the litter. From that first day to your last, you were the best friend and companion that any man could ask for. At your peak, you were 95 pounds and such a handsome fella. Little did anyone know, who saw you or were scared of you, what a puppy at heart you really were and how you loved having your chest rubbed and your ears scratched! I miss you my Boy. You are in my heart and thoughts...until we meet again. Don Williams

In 1999, I wanted to adopt two male kittens. When I entered the room where the kittens were, the first kitten to come to me was a tiny tortoiseshell-and-white female. I had to have her. She was very affectionate, spending every evening on my lap for 17 years. She will be missed! Kathryn Walker

Boogie Bear was a rescue Siberian Husky when she was 4 months old from when I worked at CCHS. She was a sign over from possible owner abuse. She had fractured leg and fractured pelvis. I took her in broken and all . She healed after a leg amp right rear leg like her sister . Boogie enjoyed life with her new mommy and daddy and her sister Molly. She had the best personality she was excited everyday to see us. She developed glacoma at age of six a few months ago. Shortly after that she left me this past weekend very unexpectly . She will be missed but happy shes with her sister Molly again. Both sister now have four legs again and can see. She will be missed but not forgotten. Ashley Ayers

Molly was a black 6 year old S/F lab mix that was adopted at 8 weeks old. She became a tripod missing her right rear leg due to cancer at age of 4 . That did not stop her from running, jumping and playing . She enjoyed life until she was diagnosed with SARDS at age of 6 . She was my first baby and was the best dog ever! She will be missed but not forgotten. Ashley Ayers

My sweet little angel, Laila, you were my everything. You had a very long and spunky life for such a tiny little thing. These last 14 years we had with you were filled with so much joy and love. It's really tough to have to let you go, but now you really are mommy's little woof woof angel. I will never stop thinking of and loving you. I will always remember your tiny wolf howls of your youth, and your tiny feet prancing to the door to meet me when I walked in the door after work or class. I love you , my princess Laila. Capri Betancourt

I rescued Sabrina as a kitten in 1999. I found her playing in an area by one of the local big plants where I live. That was the year hurricane Floyd was suppose to be the big hurricane threat. I evacuated with my one dog, two adult cats and baby Sabrina. Sabrina was a outgoing, loving cat. I have a home based grooming shop and Sabrina was my shop cat. She was such a great greeter, she got lots of attention by my customers. Sabrina was my princess. She enjoyed a long life, 17 1/2 years. She is missed by me and my other shop cat Scarlet who I rescued also. She and Sabrina are only a year apart in age. Thank you Sabrina for being a part of my life. Diana Diana Morrison

Thank You to everyone that took care of my beloved pet Ivy. The Integrity, Compassion and the professionalism from your staffs are very important during our time of grief and treasured memories of our angel. A special Thanks to Hilary. When I spoke with you I felt Ivy was by my side. The keepsakes including my Ivy's lock of hair will be treasured forever. "Everyday I miss you so much, everyday I feel you around the house. You are my angel, until we meet again." Angelita Gamm

To my Lil Pun! I miss you soo much little buddy, you brought happiness in our hearts and home for over 9 years. I will never forget since you were a puppy and always gazing into our eyes showing your love and nature. Your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. We will always cherish you as the best companion anyone could ever know, and I'll keep a part of you with me for life. Your best friend, E Emerson B.

My sweet beautiful girl Eisa! We miss you terribly my sweet girl. Freyja misses her sissy horribly, walking around looking for you and chatting. We will love and miss you always Sarah Snyder

Siam was our blessing and a treasured temple cat. He roamed our home assuring anyone who entered had permission under his watchful eye. A dear companion that charmed all he encountered. His presence in my life was a blessing and the greatest gift. . From the moment in entered my life he determined that I was the pet and he was the master. He would charmed non-cat lovers and the biggest skeptics with his larger than life human like personality. A true cuddling companion and faithful friend. The home feels emptied without him, but he will always be part of my life. Joann M.

I will miss my sweet, loving Bubba Cat aka Baby Cat. He was my companion and my best buddy for over 16 years. He was "my" very first pet that I chose and raised from a kitten. I picked him out of a litter at the Humane Society at 2 months old. He had such a funny face that made me smile and I knew that I had to take him home. He was very independent, in a way, and curious from the beginning. He loved getting treats when I came home--that was the required "toll" to enter the door. When I lived in an apartment, he sat at the back window next to the door waiting for me to return. When he was very generous, I got to see his "double stuff"--his white belly sandwiched between two black patches--and he got a good belly scratch. Bubba had a toy mouse on a string as a kitten, which hung on a door knob. He managed to tear it off the string; he did the same to a second one. Those mice were then his communication aides for the rest o f his life; if he had one of these toy mice in his mouth, he would carry it around crying to either tell me to pay attention to him or to feed him. He loved to sit on my lap and if he could force me, he would have me sit on the couch forever to be his bed. Bubba hated his "sister" Chattooga when she was brought home, but soon enough they were buddies who wrestled and snuggled. She passed away over a year ago, but he's with her now...Bubba nearly passed away 4 years ago with pancreatitis, but I nursed him back to health with hand-feeding and IV fluids for 10 days. I'm grateful for those extra 4 years. I will miss and love him always. Lynelle Jackson

This is my Andre boy, he lost his fight with cancer on 12/17/16. He was 13 and an awesome friend. He would always be there to greet me when I got home from work and loved to snuggle with me. He will be very missed. I love you Andre boy, William William Salisbury

From the moment I saw you, I knew you were meant to be mine. You provided the best companionship and selfless love for 15 years. My sweet Cooper, you have left your paw prints on my heart, and no other will ever take your place, as all others fail in comparison. Ashley Higgins

Poppyseed filled our hearts with such joy and she was with us for almost 11 years. Everyone that met her instantly fell in love with her. She was our wonderdog and they'll never be another like her. We love you, Poppyseed and will see you again on the Rainbow Bridge. Stacy Matelski

Kikyo was a great cat. I only had her for 11 months of her 1 year and 1 month life, but she was honestly the best pet I've ever owned. She slept with me every nught, and insisted that I hold her paw so she knew I wasn't going anywhere. Every morning, she would sit between my legs as I brushed my teeth and got ready in my bathroom. She waited for me to walk through the door, she laid on the floor as I took showers. Her favorite toy was a blue dinosaur that had an electric squeaker in it. She was beautiful. Every vet tech and every friend who ever saw her said she was stunning, she was beautifully marked and a perfect siamese. She was loving to everyone and I will never forget her. A hole in my heart is left, by such a small soul. She was my baby, and I will never forget her. Kayla Maeder

He was a great dog... family dog named Red we will miss him Lois Mullin

Ozzy Smith Maxine Smith

Kaylee was such a beautiful calico kitty with an all white stomach. She came into my life 16 years ago and joined in with two other kitties I rescued. Her joyous meows and curious intentions made her, her own unique kitty. She was quite moody but was always there for me especially if I felt sad. It's like she knew when to come around. She loved mac and cheese and even potato chips. She was surely one of a kind. I will miss her deeply as she will always have a piece of my heart and I will always cherish the fond memories she engraved into my life. I hope you are happy and content in pet heaven and running around with your sisters. Love you, Kaylee Bailey "Memories are little gifts given to me from you." M. Morlock M. Morlock

I got Red Man from the Flagler Humane Society. He was a very high energy dog. His nickname was Piss and Vinegar. He was very protective of his family. Including our other dog Yoda. Him and Yoda were taken from the same house hold and they became best buddies. Red would pick on Yoda but that didn't stop them from having a loving bond together. The bond that my daughter and I had with Red was even stronger. He was our protector and a very loving dog. He bonded with everyone he met. He was always eager to please everyone that he met. He will be missed and loved forever!!! Run free my Red Man!!! Laura and Clarissa Wilcox

We rescued Magnus at 2.5years old in 2010. He had been owned by a family at the US Embassey and was very loved. He came from one of the oldest lines of German Danes in Romania. He got to travel the world as an embassey dog. Unfortunately, there was an incident where he got his mouth on someone and the next station in Germany would not allow him in. The family did the right thing by making sure he would live with us in our quiet home with no children. I had always wanted a black great dane and Magnus was the biggest baby I had ever met. His size didn't phase me to me, he was much smaller than most horses I worked with. He was 225lbs pure muscle and love. He came home with us and never left. He joined doggie daycare to continue his socialization with other dogs. He loved daycare and the staff loved big Maggie. I foster rescue dogs so Magnus got many new brothers and sisters over the years that he always protected and loved. Magnus had his own bedro om in our house with an easy walkout and a queen size mattress. He loved his walks every day, and loved going to the beach. My husband was his favorite person and he would get so excited even as he aged, to see him come home. His favorite thing to do was walk with my husband every day to the pier where the fishermen on Cape Cod would feed him raw bluefish. He was the fishermen's mascot and always a presence. Magnus traveled with us everywhere we went. And all our moves. We were fortunate enough he stayed with us for our most recent move to Florida. He never asked or wanted for anything. He was just a very very very good boy. Our house is quiet and empty without him. T Sparagis

There are no words to describe how much we loved our beautiful Dogue de Bordeaux, Nellie. We were blessed to have her in our home for 8 years. Nellie was a sensational companion, she was loyal, trusting & faithful she was a member of our family! Her sweet gental soul was like no other pet that we have ever had! While Nellie had her oddities that we didn't understand at first, we eventually began to embrace them and loved her more for being so different! Every morning Nellie would go into a super slow-motion, creep into the Mexican petunias and look down at the lizards, never once did she try to catch one, it was like she was gently saying good morning! Nellie was afraid of the wind, we learned from her that when the wind blew she was not going out with the wind chimes up! Nellie, our hearts are broken that we could not take away your. illness! We will always cherish memories of you! You were a wonderful sister to Tango & Lilly! We pray that you will rejoice in being with Tango again! He will take good care of you and show you the ropes in your new life! Lilly will miss you dearly! We love you more than you will ever know! The Hamilton Family, Lin, Cathy, Camron, Sara & Lilly Cathy Hamilton

Skye was our best friend. and we were so so lucky that she came into our life. No words can describe what a wonderful dog she was. We miss her everyday. Denise Carr

In the past month, she had a few good runs -- she loved running in the side yard away from the others; we called it her NASCAR moment as she ran around the trees.  Sure, she limped for a few days, but she took it easy and I gave her pain meds.  But she had fun.  Near the end, she even ran in her sleep -- not the normal kind involving the front legs, but the track kind as she would kick me very hard with her hind legs.  I loved that girl -- she didn't want to come out of the crate and was at the greyhound rescue for four months because of that.  The guy got her out of the crate, we walked her, and said "yep, we'll take her."  She had a quiet but firm demeanor so that when she walked into a room, the other dogs parted like the waters and let her pass! Here she is with her buddy Ricky, the dog cat.  The other picture is Khalea Killarney (KK) and Ricky.  You took tender care of her in November 2014.  Ricky is now ruling the roost. Thank you, Janet Fittipaldi Janet Fittipaldi

She was such a wonderful pet, she has left a memory that will never be forgotten. We truly thank you for such a wonderful way to remember such a beautiful family member. Our family thanks you. Bielling Family 2016 William and Sherri Bielling

With each Winter, at the beginning of the fresh falling snow, back home in the DMV; will always be our special time together. Keith Royal

My favorite memory of Belle was a little over a year ago. We had just gotten some baby chicks and we were keeping them in a brooder cage in the garage. Well Belle became their surrogate mamma. She insisted on sleeping in the garage the first couple nights, and wouldn't let the out of her sight whenever I gave them a little free range time. Well tragicly, one chick was killed when a hawk tried to pull it thru the cage when I had them out in the yard. The body was still in the cage. A little upset, I had to do what must be done. I headed to the woods to bury the body. Belle followed. I dropped the bird, and looked around for an appropriate spot to dig. After making a deep enough hole, I went to get the chick....nowhere to be found....What had become of it? Did I not bring it with me? Looked everywhere....I was baffeled. Well scratching my head, I headed back to the other birds, now safei n the garage. What did I find.....Belle. She had brought th e headless chick back to the garage and laid it beside the others in their cage, and she was laying beside it with her snout pressed up to it. WOW! I gave her a couple minutes as I held the lifeless bird. Then went again to the woods. Again she followed, and she remained there about 15 mins. afterward, lying on the spot! I always knew she was special, and am missing her every day! Run free girl, you're with your brother now! Mo Graff

I miss you so much. My heart is broken. Thank you for your always wagging tail, your hugs and your beautiful smile. Thank you for letting me belong to you. I will always love you, my Winston Winnie Winifred King. End of watch 9-18-2016. Rest well, and see you again one day. Love, Mom xoxo The King Family

Prudence was the most lovable dog ever. She was the best girl anyone could ask for. She lived to go on car rides and went everywhere she could with me. We will miss her terribly. You are forever in our hearts Prudence. We love you! The Seposs Family

My Amstaff terrier Jeezy passed away a little over Three weeks ago at the Auburn University small animal hospital. I searched for a pet funereal home from the greater Atlanta area all the way to Florida that would accommodate my needs. I got Jeezy when he was a 12 week old pup and on Nov 25, 2016 he would of been 10 years old. Jeezy was my best friend and even though he passed I still had to be sure I brought my best friend home with me. I had to find a funeral home that would allow me to witness Jeezy's body go in and his remains come out. I called over a dozen places and no one would allow me to witness the process. From speaking with other crematorys and hearing horror stories I had all but given up hope when I called Paw Prints. I spoke with Kelly and she immediately made me feel better by telling me I could witness the entire process. I knew I finally found the right place to help me bring my Jeezy home. My family and I will forever be great ful for Paw Prints and will be life time customers. Nate and his wife Kelly truly care for their clients and make the experience as comfortable as possible. Thank you Nate, Kelly and the Paw Prints family for allowing us to bring our baby home and giving us the comfort and piece of mind only you all can. Ramsey Shaud

Maddy was such an amazing, outgoing, loving cat. I don't think this cat had ever met a stranger, anybody could walk in the house, and she'd be rubbing up against their legs purring and meowing. Maddy was and always will be my best friend, she always slept on my bed with me at night, and sat on the couch with me to watch TV. I've lost my bed buddy, TV buddy, and my best friend. I miss her so much everyday, and I hope she's sitting with my mom(one of her most favorite people.) purring away. I miss you so much Maddy, and I will never, ever forget you, there's no way to forget such an amazing, beautiful cat. You're missed by your brothers, kitty parents and anybody who was lucky enough to know you. I love you Maddy. 2004-8/24/16 I can't thank you enough for taking such amazing care of my precious cat. Samantha Miller

13 years ago, we visited a sweet family breeder in Brunswick GA, thinking we would choose a pet. Little did we know that it was quite the opposite, and that a little 8 week old puppy would choose us! We had a wonderful life together, and, 13 years later, your service gave us our sweet Barnaby back, after our great vet, Dr. McGoldrich, eased Barnaby into peace. Thank you for the dignity, and sweet wild flowers, poems, and wooden case with his cremains. Ashley Tindle

Simon will be very much missed in our lives! All of our other four legged friends keep watching for him to come home. Deana Larson

When you're feeling the absence of your precious pet, just know that their life is one you'll never forget. Joanne Shearer

12 years ago we welcomed this beauty into our family...today we said goodbye to our sweet girl She was such a great dog and will be missed tremendously. Bye Molly Moo...We will always love you! Debbie Thompson

Rosie// January 7th, 2007 - September 6th, 2016 Jennifer Perez

Fred was my first pet to rescue on my own. He suffered from kidney failure and congested heart failure. Poor guy was starting to suffer so I had to make one of the hardest decisions as a pet mom. Fred is dearly missed. He was a fat lazy cat that loved sitting on the porch with his brother Roby (dog). Samantha Dabbs

We said goodbye to our gentle Spot yesterday. Spot was our 2007 "temporary, emergency" foster dog. Our Irish Setter, Carri, fell in love with her. We did, too. We had 9 and 1/2 wonderful years with our little Spot. Now, she and Carri are together again, but running free. And Spot, whom a pilot boat had to once stop from swimming across Tampa Bay, can swim as far and as often as she wants. Remember us, Spotty Sue. We will never forget or stop loving you. Mike and Maureen Hunter

Our beloved magnificent "Goliath".......the Love of our lives! T and B Flannery

She was our joy and heart, she was a daddy's girl Renee Fries

Bilbo, You were the best dog for us, every walk, every game of fetch every kiss we will miss greatly, we're sorry that this world could not contain your kind of cute precious craziness. We will always love you and will see you again at the pearly gates one day hopefully with bacon and chicken : ) Love, Your Mommy and Daddy Samantha Jarzynka

I want to thank Paw Prints for their service they provided in creamating my Gizmo. I had to put her down and it was unexpected so it was very hard time for me. Hiliary was so kind and understanding about my loss that it eased me knowing that Paw Prints was taking care of Gizmo. The urn provided was very nice, the Rainbow Bridge poem, the special poem and the words of comfort from them helped me deal with her passing. Also providing locks of her fur was nice. I put some in a vial for my granddaughter and myself. Just a memento for us. Thank you again Paw Prints. Barbara Fowler Barbara Fowler

This beautiful guy was part of our family from the moment we saw him, adopted him, and brought him to his forever home. He gave us ten years of laughter, comfort, pride, mischief, and joy. We lost Snoopy yesterday, August 11, as he left us suddenly in his sleep. We miss his eccentric personality and his constant reassuring presence, trust, and loyalty. Sleep peacefully, Snoops. We love you. Anthony Mortimer

Joey, 17 yr old Snowshoe Siamese has left this realm to cross the rainbow bridge. He fought so hard for so long, he just didn't have the strength anymore. He liked every human he met. He liked and was liked by every "sibling" or "cousin" in our home. all of us, yes, including the furkids, miss you terribly. a month later we still cry and look for you. Hugs to you my handsome, love bug. I Maxim

Ginger was a gentle loyal soul, she loved the beach and taking rides in the golf cart around the neighborhood. She would just chill and watch the birds and squirrels in the backyard. Ginger was a gentle loyal soul, she loved the beach and taking rides in the golf cart around the neighborhood. She would just chill and watch the birds and squirrels in the backyard. Brett and Julie Hudson

Allie loved the outdoors, loved to chase lizards, grasshoppers and loved to fish, she would stick her head in the live well of the boat and get all of the bait that her daddy would catch. Brett and Julie Hudson

On May 16th 2016 I lost my dog Princess. She.was.12 when she passed and she was my first dog. I will miss her dearly and she will always be in my heart forever Laci M

My precious Harley Girl! From the day I picked you up from the pound she has never left my side! She was my best friend! And her memory will never be far from my thoughts! Brandy Baudoindajoux

Patchy was a gift from my grandfather when I was 9 years old..patchy was 16 when I had to do it...I miss her alot..my grandfather died from cancer and patchy was a huge part of my life..I lost my doggy 2 weeks before her..she has the tiniest feet for a adult cat..she was a queen..I guess she missed her buddy.. Brenda Stevens

My puppy ein was the best corgi dog I've ever had he was my first dog as a young person and I had to let him go,he was a promise from my grand father who died of cancer..after 8 years of love no pain my baby went in the vet and they found cancer..so he crossed that rainbow road...then a week later I lost my cat too I'll be posting about.. My puppy ein was the best corgi dog I've ever had he was my first dog as a young person and I had to let him go,he was a promise from my grand father who died of cancer..after 8 years of love no pain my baby went in the vet and they found cancer..so he crossed that rainbow road...then a week later I lost my cat too I'll be posting about.. Brenda Stevens

Spencer was absolutely a beautiful cat, sweet, mellow and loving. He would listen to my Grandson for hours as he was learning how to read. His memory will always be with me. Carolyn Williams

Spencer was a mellow cat, a patient cat that my grandson read to for hours as he was learning to read. He had true beauty and a rare fur greyish white with black tips. He is now reunited with Alex his brother adopted at 7 week old. I will always fondly remember him in his favorite chair looking out on the patio, he had one last look before his passing. Sleep well Spencer. Carolyn Williams

I had my boy Tobias since a pup almost 10 years ago. My husband and I picked him out of the litter and has was the best most loving dog ever. All he ever wanted from anyone was to be loved. He loved to sit next to lean on you and just be there next to you. We miss you greatly and will never forget you. Paula Rangel

everyone LOVED Rocco. he was my best friend and was always around to hug, kiss and play w. . my dad and I tought him to bark on command and do Puppy Olympics in the livingroom. My son fed him all the food he didn't want and he Loved my boyfriend the most. he tought him to follow directions and always followed up w. a lot of treats. We Love and Miss You Rocco xoxoxo Mom, Kamden and Kyle Courtney Lamont

No challenge was too much for Hawkeye, whether learning to walk on a harness, figuring out how to jump 6' to the top of a bookcase, or sit and shake hands. His feats and talents were many, and left us with many cherished memories. He was named "Pet Idol" of our city (in New England) in 2009 and the star of our neighborhood. My most cherished memory though was his ability to look into my soul and comfort me in the most difficult of human times. My Hawkeye - you are my one and only. I miss you buddy! Becky Miller

First off I want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job with sending me mickeys hair and his paw print plaque along with the poems. Mickey was a wonderful dog we had him for 13 years he was very precious to us. He was my son!! I miss him every day. A day doesn't go by where I don't think about him. He will always be in our hearts and our memories. I love you Mickey and I will see you on the other side. Mama will have some cheese when I get there because I know that's your favorite thing. Love you Macado's Kelly Davis

Gina is a beautiful girl and my best friend. She is thirtee now, we think she was around two then. I rescued her while living in Los Angeles. I called her "Gina from the block" because she was on the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Topanga Canyon in the San Fernando Valley where the weekly adoption was set up. I watched her several times before I hugged her and brought her home to join my other dog, Sammie. She had a funny little sneeze when she got excited while playing and tossing her toys; that's how I knew she was having a great time. It was hard for Gina to breathe after a tumor consumed her chest cavity. Dr. Jen at Amelia Island Animal Hospital gave her one more good year before I had to send her on her way to The Rainbow Bridge. She will forever be in my heart and on my mind. I will love her every day until I take my last breath..I am certain. She took care of me, I didn't take care of her. Romp and play sweet girl a nd give Sammie a run for his money like you used to when he chased you around the Azaleas bushes in the back yard. :-) Nancy Connolly

I was so impressed with the way you all took care of my beloved JJ. Losing him was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. And the decision wasn't easy. JJ was 18 years old and had led a spoiled life loved by my family and I until the very end. When I got his paw print back I was shocked to also find some of his fur and also the poems and flowers. I felt how much you all really cared for him and even his family by going the extra mile with those. I want to thank you all for your care and compassion with my family member. Tereasa Bush

Shaggy had my HEART since the day he was born. He may be gone now but will NEVER be forgotten! I will forever love you Noogie. Brand DiVita

This is our old man Zach... AKA Zacheronie and Zach Attack. He lived a happy fun 14 years. He loved to play ball with all of the kids in the neighborhood. When we went on walks, his ball HAD to go with him no matter what (yes we were frequent visitors at Pet Smart). He never met a stranger and visited his neighbors on a daily, yes daily, basis, he was so loved by many. He was the most true loving animal I have ever had. He was always free to roam as he pleased, never been caged or in a fence. He would wait for us to get home every afternoon (he knew our schedule like clock work) and I could not get out of the car unless I petted him and gave him some love. He was truly a Man's and Woman's Best Friend. We will miss you buddy, and hope you have millions of squeaky balls to play with in Doggy Heaven! Lori Foskey

Miss you and love you my sweet "Cali " 2004 - 2016 Vicki Shepherd

I lost my sweet baby Cali and its been very sad for me. I adopted her from a rescue in 2009 she had a very difficult life with her original home. I am so thankful that the rescue group found her and rescued her from Craig list, and then I was able to adopt her. She was tiny but full of energy, and a spunky personality she made up with me right away, and I loved her and spoiled her rotten. Her foster mom Barb said no one wanted Cali because she didn't have hair, wasn't perfect, .. but I didn't see her that way at all, she was beautiful to me. Then she did grow most of her hair back and was very happy, she thought she was a big and would show her teeth sometimes, she was adorable, I will always love her, and I know time heals but I will never forget her she brought me so much happiness. Cali. 2004 - 2016 Vicki Shepherd

Penny was a devoted dog. She was a handful when we first got her as a puppy. Once she settled down, she became my wife's constant companion. When my wife died a year & a half ago, she then became my constant companion & one I always knew would be by my side. She is truly missed. Aaron Collins

R.I.P. JAZZ 6/8/1998 - 5/5/2016 A most wonderful dog! Sally Glaeser

Phoebe, was the very first pet I ever owned on my own. She was the most sweetest, lovable, loyal pet. She just loved to be next to you and purr on you. She had been through a lot with me in the 15 years we had together. Last year she was diagnosed with CHF and pulmonary enfusion. At that time the doctor said that we should put her down. I was not ready then to say goodbye. We began her on medications and she seem to go back to her normal self. On 4/30/16 she was done fighting and she was ready to say goodbye. I still was not. I knew that she was not in pain anymore. I will always cherish her. And I will see her again one day soon. We love her now and always. She left a paw print on everyone's heart she ever met. David and Heather Moore

Sweet Beautiful Belle. Munka. Our first baby. Thank you for the most incredible 7 years. You taught me what love really meant and helped me through some of my hardest times. Your unwavering loyalty and spunky personality will be missed every single day. This past year has been rough for all of us, but you handled it with such grace. You never lost your sense of self, and were always right there when we needed a pick me up. You were the girl I'd go to when I was needing the best high five out there. We've shared so many over the years. You always had a way of getting extra table scraps by sticking out your "teefers" for all to see. I still don't understand what your front tiny bottom teeth were for. You were the best hiking partner, and dog park connoisseur. You were snuggling babies from the first day you came home, and never stopped. We are so incredibly grateful that your little brother was lucky enough to meet you. Sweet Beautiful Belle. Your favorite thing to do was hop in the car and go for a ride. Daddy always liked to stop and get you a cheeseburger when you were being extra sweet. Every birthday for the last 7 years was celebrated with a cheeseburger too. You made the worst drinking partner, you never did quite learn how to hold your licker. You always had a sweet kiss to give out to anyone that would have it. I would have given anything for just a little more t ime with you Mama Belle. We are utterly devastated. But, know that she is no longer in pain or suffering. She made her journey over the rainbow bridge last night. We are so lucky to have been able to be with her in her last hours, holding her, comforting her and loving her. It was her time, and she was ready. We will love you forever, our Sweet Beautiful Belle. Jaime Cifrese

He was my Buddy boy, my constant companion. He was such a good boy. I miss him very much Alice Campbell

Terry gave me unconditional love for 18 years, well over half of my life. He was the sweetest and most gentle baby. Lauren Hargis

My little lover boy X-ray was born on Leap Day 4 years ago. We had to have him euthanized this year the day after leap day. so technically he was only 1 year and one day old. But really he was 4 years old. I rescued him from Herschel Animal Clinic where I worked as a veterinarian technician. Some people brought him in when he was 2 months old and wanted to have him euthanized because they said he bit too much. They were the kind of people that would slap a dog's face back and forth to get him riled up because he was a boxer pitbull mix. He was only 2 months old and teething. when his teeth started to come in he obviously was biting things just like any other puppy what do that had been trained to bite at things because their face had been slapped around like people do when they're trying to make their dog violent. So I asked my boss at Herschel Animal Clinic, Dr. Banks if they would sign the puppy over to the hospital and I could kee p him and Foster him until I could find home. When I brought him home the first day and my boyfriend saw him and I told him I was fostering him to try to find a home he said why not our home? I was so excited because now I had this precious little puppy that was so cute that I was getting to have in my life and he rescued me. I was going through a really hard time struggling with addiction and he was there for me and helped keep me strong through it all and helped me get through it. He then got osteosarcoma and we had to have his right frontm leg amputated and he went through chemo and did great. About two months after we stop the chemo, another little bump showed up on his right side next to his groin area and we had it biopsied and it came back as positive for osteosarcoma and he had also developed some small spots and his lungs. The doctor told us that he had one to two months to live and he didn't even make it 3 weeks he went down really fast in about five days duri ng the Third and last week of his life. I knew when he did not purk up and run down the stairs when I told him Eric my boyfriend was coming home who was one of his favorite people, I knew that was the day that we had to call lap of love to do an at-home euthanasia. When I was working at Herschel Animal Clinic I saw a lot of euthanasia and when we had to put x-ray down outside on the back porch because he loved to be outside it was the longest hardest euthanasias that I'd ever seen. it took about 30 minutes for him to go out and the veterinarian gave him enough Valium and beuthanasia to kill a horse. He was not mentally there anymore and he was gone. But his body just kept fighting so much cuz he was such a strong little lover and his lungs did not want to give up and his chest just kept rising up and down, up and down, up and down for about 20 minutes even though he was already gone it was just his body still reacting because his brain and heart had not fully shut down yet. But he was in no pain at all and he was gone mentally. I love that little boy and he was my life and my heart I miss him so much but I'm so glad that I was able to give him my last Act of friendship by being able to give him a humane passing into the next life where he's running and jumping and swimming and playing and barking and wagging his little tail all the time. I was very lucky to have had him I had such a connection with him. It's very rare that you even meet people that you have such a strong and real connection with like I did with my little lover boy X-ray. I hope my story that I have posted on here about my lover boy X-ray might help somebody and give them some peace and comfort when they have to go through a process like this with their dog / family member. If anyone ever needs someone to chat with due to a situation like this with their pet email me at, fromthefield8@gmail, if all you need to do is write your feelings out in an email sometim es writing your feelings about situations like this can help and I will respond. Peace, comfort, and love to all, Leigh Leigh Brantley

Hey Quinner. I miss you. I miss the love you gave me everyday, every time you looked into my eyes. Your feel. Your smell. What a beautiful soul you were and are. Such a brave little boy too. We were blessed to have had you 16 years. Never forget our promise to meet again someday. Remember, my sweetness. You promised! You wait for me... Treena Moreno

Our beloved Goldie was born October 1, 2001. On November, 2001, we received her from our friends who breed some golden retriever puppies. We have a lot of wonderful memories of her. Goldie was always well-behaved that wherever we'd go, family and friends never minded when we would bring her back to visit. Whenever we went on vacation in which dogs weren't allowed, our friends, Tod and Judy would take care of Goldie and we would take care of their dogs whenever they went on vacation. It worked out great. One of the best memories my husband has of her is when he was in Virginia visiting his mom and dad. It was snowing and he was outside on a sled sliding down the hill in his parents' yard with the neighborhood kids. As he was sliding down the hill, Goldie jumped on his back and rode on his back will going down the hill. One of the neighbors said she wish she would have taken a picture of that. Goldie lived to be 14 years old. She lived a long life for a golden retriever and we still miss her so much. God bless our beloved Goldie! Angela Sheppe

My sweet Hazel has always been loved by all of our friends. She was large but so very friendly and loving. She was "raised" by our 2 older dogs (Austin & LingLing) who were already deaf when we adopted Hazel. So the sweet thing never really learned about barking. We got her too early, at just 5 weeks old. I didn't want her to miss her Mamma so my Mom & I took turns rocking her to sleep. Once she hit 40lbs we had to stop. She hit 65 & still thought at night time she should sit in my lap - so she did. When I was sick she would sleep with me & always make me better. She house trained like she was born knowing how to do it. As you can tell from her picture her EYES were so loving & soulful. She won everyone with those beautiful eyes. When she got sick my local vet said she was worried that she wasn't responding to the medicines. I took her to Capital Veterinary Specialist for an ultra-sound & there Dr. Walker had to tell me the heartbreaking news. I sobbed, I'm still sobbing.... that was on Friday. All weekend long our friends came over to see about Hazel. They loved on her & told her to be strong. It was so sweet having friends love her enough to come see her. My husband & I went Monday to see if the 1st round of Chemo had helped the answer was obvious. We made the decision to let her go - because we just couldn't see her suffer just so I could hold her a little bit longer. I sobbed, I WAILED...my baby!!! She was only 9 years old. I still cry myself to sleep. But she was (IS) deeply loved by our family. We've had WONDERFUL times with her. She's been a huge part of our life. She's taken hundreds of road trips with me back & forth to our other home in NC. Oh how she LOVES the mountains!! We will take her home one last time & spread her ashes along the creek where she & her sister LuLu loved to run & track the deer & roll around in the tall grass like crazy dogs. I miss my sweet Hazel. Vickie Kutscher

Bandit was a 10 year old red haired dachshund who loved to chase lizards and run our household! Bandit was full of life until his last moments with us. He was taken far too young from our family but we are confident he's running free and controlling the lizard population on the other side of the bridge. He will forever remain in our hearts and our minds as we muddle through these days until the pain becomes more bearable. He was my buddy bear and my prickle pot, he snuggled but on his terms and in his time. His brothers Oscar and Sam and Chester are missing him now that he's crossed the rainbow bridge. He leaves behind an extremely broken hearted mom & dad who loved him beyond words and expression. I will always remember you Banbear, you were one of a kind my sweet boy and I'll love you forever. Tina Thimlar

Oreo was born Dec 13th 2002. She was so much more than just a pet. She was my baby. I was blessed to have 14 incredible years with my princess. She went everywhere with me and our family. She loves car rides, fishing, camping, going to the beach and the park. She loved to snuggle up with me and keep me warm. Losing her is one of the hardest times of my life. My heart hurts so badly. Its so lonely everytime I walk in the door. She is and will be missed by me and her daddy and our two children until the day we meet again. We love you baby girl and will never forget the happiness you brought to our lives. Kristina Carrion

I miss my baby attacking my feet every time I moved. It hurt like hell but i loved every bite. Dashaunte Simmons

They are gone from our sight, but never our memory. Gone from our hearing, but never our hearts. Gone from our touch, but their presence is still felt, and the love that they gave us never departs. Thank you for your service and compassion. I love the urn. You helped make a very sad situation more bareable. They are gone from our sight, but never our memory. Gone from our hearing, but never our hearts. Gone from our touch, but their presence is still felt, and the love that they gave us never departs. Thank you for your service and compassion. I love the urn. You helped make a very sad situation more bareable. Tammy Sarre

A HUGE thank you to the staff at Paw Prints! Kato was my buddy for over 9 years - more so after my divorce and was an awesome companion. I was in complete shock that he passed away so suddenly but found comfort in the services you provided for him. This was my fist experience of having to make arrangements for a lost loved pet but with the assistance of my vet you and your staff made it easy. It's quite obvious that Kato was handle with care and respect - thank you very much! He and I are grateful. Andrew Summers Andrew Summers

RIP my sweet and beloved Toby. He was such a sweet and loveable cat. His favorite spot to sleep was on our stomach and chest. His least favorite place to be was at the vets office. Mommy and Daddy miss you so much, We love you sweet boy! Tammi Montgomery

R.I.P. My sweet Walter. We love and miss you so much. Thanks Kelly Ferguson at Paw Prints You help ease our pain the day we had to say good bye to our baby, As I said before it takes a special person to have the compassion you have, and we can't thank you and Paw Prints enough for everything you did to help us through this very difficult time. Tracey Nourse

BooBoo was a very sweet cat. When we were in the kitchen & he heard a potato chip bag rustling, no matter where he was in the house, he would come running waiting for a chip to fall on the floor. If a chip was not dropped, he would look at you & moew until you gave him a small piece. Rest in peace buddy. We love you and will cherish your paw print forever. Rebecca Thaler

We loved Jack with all our hearts and he loved us.... Mary Murphy

You came into my life one day So beautiful and smart, My dear and sweet companion, I loved you from the start. Although we knew the time would come When we would have to part, You'll never be forgotten, You left paw prints on my heart. Cheryl Shapiro

Marley was the sweetest dog anyone has ever met. She had a beautiful soul, and heaven is made better by her presence there. Like most good pups, she loved to eat, sleep, and play, but she loved her family most. Though her life was shorter than we expected, it was full of love and adventure. Marley traveled coast to coast through our military lifestyle and was the biggest trooper of us all. It is terribly difficult to lose her, but we know she is happy and in a better place. We love you Marley girl, and we will see you again. All dogs go to heaven. Austin and Ashley Lee

Thank you guys for helping my family make sure our sweet Peaches was well taken care off as she went over the Rainbow Bridge..She was 21 years old and even though I only had her for the last 3 she brought so much enjoyment to our lives she made me a foster failure..From being found wondering down a dirt road to a home where she was loved beyond every aspect we could even at her last few days she still gave us hugs and kisses. She'll forever be missed but thank you for giving us the chance to have her forever.. Sabrina Taylor

Thank you so much for taking care of our sweet Mackenzie's remains. I love the beautiful wooden box, and was just overwhelmed by the card and poem and lock of her hair! Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful, and giving us a beautiful way to memorialize our loving girl Melanie Moxley

I just want to thank Paw Prints first off for taking care of my baby .....My beloved Roscoe was my loyal, faithful, unconditionally loving and protective companion. Not just a "dog". I will miss him dearly. I try and keep good memories in my mind so it doesn't hurt so much missing you.... My beloved Roscoe... aka "Big Un", "Big Daddy" and Roscoe puhtee 🐶.... I love and miss you so much! 7/5/2002-8/17/2015 All my Love Mama Nikki Brown

Our dog Daco can sing. It's a combination of howling and baying - like a wolf or a coyote. When he was on guard duty he'll inspect the bedrooms, the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms to make sure there's nobody lurking around. He went to dog training and can do the obstacle course in the dog park. When we lived on-post in Georgia Daco and his two friends would go in the woods to chase wild animals and he would come back when he heard the whistle when it's time to go home. He was a gentle and very smart dog and we missed him very much. Randolph Banning

Charlie was my baby. Even at 12 years old, he still loved being held, and would fall asleep in my arms while I was watching TV with his step-daddy Kevin Blazetic. Charlie was a great traveler, we would take him all over the United States on jobs. He loved to go for car rides; all we'd have to say was "we're going by by's" and he was at the door ready to go. Ever since Charlie was a tiny pup, he never liked the plastic toys, it had to be stuffed. He loved to play keep away with his stuffed toys. He'd make me chase him for it and try to keep me from getting the toy from his mouth. When we had a big yard, he would love to play kick ball; I would kick the ball across the yard and he'd chase after it and bring it back for me to kick again. He loved to play tug of war and fetch with his (babies) stuffed toys. No-one believed that Charlie was 12 yrs old because he was so playful and full of energy. Charlie was d iagnosed with cancer in the spring of 2015, it was discovered after surgery removed a lump from his liver. Five rounds of chemo and approx. 12 weeks later, Charlie lost his battle with a nasty cancer called Hemangiosarcoma (cancer of the blood) on Aug 6, 2015 at 0630 while we were traveling back home from seeing his Nanny and Pap pap in Pennsylvania. I will cherish all my memories over the past 12 1/2 years and remember how loving and sweet (and spoiled) he was.He was my baby and he will be sorely missed! Virginia Walden

Zeke rescued me 15 years ago after the loss of his predecessor. While one can never fill the paws of another, Zeke has filled my heart and life with comfort, silliness, security, laughs, and unconditional love. A man of few words, Z preferred to communicate his thoughts with his tail and a light touch of the paw or single meow. He trained me well and I always knew when he wanted to be on the porch in the sun, left alone, or waas feeling playful. He loved everyone but me most of all and has been the most devoted cat I have had the honor of loving. I think he knew how much I needed him (I like to joke he was the most dependable man I knew) and as such was never far from my side. At 17yo, following an agressive cancer removal in 2014, having had most teeth extracted over the years (think Billy Idol or Elvis and that was Z), and beating diabetes a few years ago I knew our time together was coming to a close these past months. I kept looking for a ny suffering and asked him to tell me when he needed to go. However, because he was Zeke, he continued to swish and flick his tail and stood by me thru one final dark period. Four days after I had spinal fusion he quit eating and could no longer lift his sweet head or swish his tail when I called to him. I hated to say goodbye but he took so much of my pain over the years and gave me such love I take some comfort in knowing I was able to release him from his pain and honor the one thing he asked of me...to let go. I miss his huge little presence but am happy he is again casually swishing that tail while stretched out in a sunray somewhere! Sally Anderson

We would like to thank you for taking good care of our Cleo. Cleo was a very beautiful and loving 16 years old cat. She traveled all over this country and has been in Jacksonville FL for the last several years where she has enjoyed loving and licking her Mommy Bev, looking forward to Mommy Michelle's visits, Aunt Karla's catnip presents, lounging on moms patio and gazing at the trees through the windows. Cleo was strong and lived to be an old lady, as we would all love to do! Through No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville we found your wonderful service. The heartfelt sentiment from Paw Prints, included with Cleo's remains, was an unexpected joy to receive. Paw Prints made us feel loved and special for the great care and love they gave Cleo at her end of life...thank you for helping her and us in this journey. Michelle and Bev Marino

Randy was great for always clinging to the person in the house who was not feeling well or had a rough day. He always made us so happy! Dakechia Moss

Simba was about 20 years old and out lived his siblings and mother. He was so sweet and loving. He brought a lot of comfort,joy, and love to our family. He took to our young cat and dog we rescued. He is greatly missed. Eula Overby

We had to say goodbye to the most unusual creature I have ever had the honor of knowing. Kiara was more wild animal than faithful pet. She was strong, willful, smart, beautiful, fearless, graceful, and sometimes very difficult to live with. She didn't have much patience for cuddling or affection, and she didn't have much tolerance for other dogs. She could be a bully, and dogs more than three times her size were terrified of her. She was also adorable, and she was sweet in her own wolverine way. She was just a few days shy of her sixteenth birthday. She was a mystery to her doctors who gave her a few weeks to a few months to live over two-and-a-half years ago due to kidney disease. Her kidneys never did end up failing. Her battles with cancer and dementia were the issues that ended up reducing her quality of life to an unacceptable level. We would have done anything to make her healthy and whole again, and I loved this wild animal with a depth and fierceness that I never imagined that I could have. I am honored to have been her mom. Lisa Cassidy

I received Milo 15 years ago from a Vet. Milo started off as my baby, because when I first brought her home, she was only a few weeks old. I had to warm up her milk and feed her through a syringe. I basically started off as her mama. Over the years Milo went from being my baby and family to being my friend and mini companion. A daily ritual the two of did for 15 years would be that Milo would wake me up every morning or I likewise with her. My most cherished memory will always be "the FSU" blanket. The blanket was mine originally, however Milo took this to be her blanket for the past 10 years. So with that being said Milo and I shared the FSU family blanket together up until the day she passed away. I am honored and thankful to have loved one of God's beautiful creatures as well as receiving unconditional love from her. Michele Heath

Enos was an awesome dog but most importantly a cherished family member. He was named after the TV show Dukes Of Hazard. His brother is named Roscoe (12 yrs old). Enos was rescued from the Humane Society in Washington Pa 10 years ago. I knew when I first seen him at 6 weeks old, I was taking him home that day. Enos was a character at times. One time while i was at work he ate my laptop cord. When confronted about it, he just sat there and wagged his tail happy as can be. As mad as i was, all I could do was laugh and smile at him. He eventually grew out of the chewing stage and became the most laid back dog there was. He rarely if ever whimpered or whined about anything. He always was quiet as can be sitting on the floor with his legs crossed. He grew to be about 100 pounds of love and joy. It did not matter how bad of a day you were having, how sick you were, he was always there to cheer you up. He would do this thing where he would sit near you, reach out his paw and h old your leg letting you know he was there to comfort you. He also liked to walk up to the couch and lay his head on you looking for his head rubbed. We will cherish those memories forever. A while back he started getting weird about eating his dry dog food. Every feeding time we would have to mix his dry food with wet food. After a while he was refusing to eat anything. After a few days of this, him being sick and one trip to his regular vet i made the decision to take him to the Veterinarian Emergency Room. His liver enzymes where high, platelet count low and not to mention dehydration. So he was admitted for the next 5 days. After a battery of test and medications there really wasn't a clear diagnosis of what was wrong with him. After talking with the doctors we opted to take him home continuing treatment hoping the medications would start to help. He had a few good days and we thought he was getting better. But that was not the case as the fluid started t o build back up in his abdomen and he was struggling to breath. His last night I laid on the floor with him till morning trying to comfort him, but he was just miserable. We made the decision to take him back to his regular vet and see if there was anything else we might have missed. After talking with his vet and the specialist at the hospital there was still no clear idea on what was causing his sickness. We made the decision we were not going to put our baby through anymore testing. We sat with him for a few hours rubbing his head and talking to him. I had to keep telling myself you have to do this for him and as tough as it was we said goodbye to our baby boy. We have never in our life had to do something so difficult, but it brought comfort knowing his suffering was gone. We miss him so much, but we are sure hes up there fishing with pap pap having the time of his life. We want to thank Paw Prints for the help and for taking such good care of Enos. He is back a t home and will be with us forever. Steve, Lori and Roscoe Stephen Shawl

We rescued Embers eight years ago. She was neglected beyond any human comprehension, and was wary of everyone except my mom and I. The first time I saw her I fell in love. Three months later we were given the blessing of fostering her, for we couldn't adopt her because of her poor condition and bad outlook. Even with the odds against us, she made it through her heartworm treatment, gained back her weight and her fur, and she was given a clean bill of health. We then adopted her where she remained the rest of her life. I'm so happy to have her back in our home where she will remain forever. I will never be without her and she without me. Thank you so much for taking care of my baby when she was with you. Emily MIller

About a week ago our cat ree ree got attack by a dog. He was a very special cat. He was like one of the dogs. And he was our greeter. Miss u ree ree sorry love Brooke McCrone

On May 5, 2015 I lost the love of my life and my best friend, Hobo, and my heart is broken beyond repair. His background and life began with me at the age of five weeks as someone set him out as a puppy in my neighborhood and I took him in. That was in 2002. Over the years he became a Certified Hearing Ear Dog for me (I am hearing impaired with Menieres disease) and was a Registered Therapy dog through Therapy Dog International in Flanders, New Jersey. He has certificates for many accomplishments We were a team and we visited schools, hospitals and Nursing Homes. During holidays he and I wore matching outfits when we made our normal visitations. We were together almost 24/7 as he went to work with me. By the year 2004 he received the achievement of TDIAOV as an active Outstanding Volunteer for TDI with over 150 Therapy Dog visits. Happy years continued for us until 2009/2010 . All of a sudden I noticed he was limping on his left rear l eg and immediatley took him to vet in Tennessee. The vet says oh that is just some arthritis no big deal. Within a short period of time he quit using that left rear leg and I insisted on xrays of both rear legs. Results vet said was osteoarthritis and he was prescribed a prescription NSAID. He seemed to get worse and I changed vets and they took away the NSAIDS as it seemd to have some bad effects on kidneys and he was put on Tramadol, glucosamine/chrondotin etc. The leg just hung there and they said it was not dead but frozen. Muscle atrophy took over and he panted most of the time and when I asked about that they said it was normal for him and not one time did he ever whimper or cry out in pain and it had to be painful and I asked the vet and not one vet said it was a big issue? I even requested lab work and they said he did not have any cancer in that rear knee joint, just masses of growths you could see around the knee joint on the xrays. In 2013 I relocated to FLorida since Hobo and I both were retired to be near my daughter. I selected a vet in Palm Coast, Fl and gave them his history and they did lab work, urinalysis etc and said there appeared to be some liver damage and put him on denamarin and said if he needed more Tramadol than he was taking to increase it. He was going in for lab work every three months and his liver enzymes went to almost 2400 and still the vet did not think that was bad just said well it is probably from his rear leg and not much can be done about it. Finally in April 2015 I was referred by a friend to take my beloved Hobo to see Dr. Terri Rosado at the FIVC at Flagler Beach. She said Hobo was in excruiating pain and probably had been for years but was very stoic and did not dispplay his pain issues and that hopefully the problems with his left rear leg could be solved by amputating the leg and this threw me into shock. She added gabapentin to his Tramadol for pain. She also noted that he was bli nd but probably was seeing some shadows only. I was so shocked I immediately make an appointment with another local vet and they did a sonogram and xrays of chest and said his liver was slightly enlarged but appeared ok and his chest had some shadows but pain was now a big issue and recommended he be put down. I am in shock once again so after thinking and researching everything I could find on internet I called the FIVC vet Dr Teri Rosado and scheduled for the leg to be amputated. If I had been shocked previously then May 5, 2015 was the worst day of my life. Dr Rosado did the xrays and sonograms and within a few minutes came outside into waiting room and took me to a private room. He had cancer of the liver and spleen no surgery would help him and she said euthanize immediately. My heart broke right then. They brought him to me tranquilized but he could hear me. I made the horrible decision to make him pain free and let him go while he was already there and tranqu ilized. . I may never fully accept nor recouperate. He was almost 13 years old. I have to say that had I had Dr Teri Rosado five years ago my Hobo would be still with me as she would have done the proper testing and made the proper diagnoses to help him before he became too old and too disabled. The knee joint/bones were shredded and the pain had to be horrendous but he never showed it to me , he never lost his appetitie and tried to continue living for my benefit so the decision was for him and certainly not for me. He was transported to your Crematory in Jacksonville, Florida and I picked up his ashes today. Paw Prints is in the same category as Dr Rosado , an excellent job, a beautiful paw print, a lock of hair, a certificate of death and the package with poem . Things to help me hold on to my beloved Hobo. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Paw Prints. This is my story and my heart is broken but I am happy that I had all those years with my best friend with thousands of memories that will never die. My ashes will one day be mixed in with his. I am missing him so. Dr. Terri Rosado at FIVC is the ULTIMATE Veternarian and the BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, as she saw immediately what was going on. If you, out there, love your pets then she is the only Dr to care for your animals. Not only was she professional, intelligent but displayed love and compassion for Hobo and me in this time of sorrow. She is truly ONE OF A KIND". ALso Paw Prints is the Ultimate in Cremations as you are assured that the ashes belong to your pet and not someone elses. "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die, I want to go where they went."-Will Rodgers. Sarah Hammond

On April 08 2015, I Lost A Major Part Of My Heart. After 4 Years And Countless Hard Times, My Beloved Baby Got Very Ill And Despite All Of Our Vets Hardwork And Dedication, Angel Passed On. Not One Day Has Gone By That I Dont Think About Him And Not One Night Has Passed That I Have Not Cried My Eyes Out Thinking About Him. To Me, He Was Not A Cat, He Was My Child. I Raised Him From A Baby, And We Lost His Tabby Brother To The "Wet" Form Of FIP. Angel Was A One Of A Kind Cat. I Have Had Hundreds And Hundreds Of Cats In My Line Of Work (Rescue) But NONE Have Ever Been As Special As This One Beautiful Silky Fluffy Long Haired Black Beauty. I Always Thought That I Would Be With Him Until He Was Old And Grey, But God Saw Another Plan For Him. Even In His Last Moments He Was Still The Most Amazing Baby You Could Ever Ask For, As I Was Balling My Eyes Out He Pawed My Face As If To Say "Mommy, Ill Always Be Right Here" He Was A Maj or Piece Of Me And Maybe Some Day Ill Learn To Live With The Fact That He Is Gone WIth The Angels. If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Have Lived Forever. As I Look Down At Your Remains, I Couldn't Be Happier With How You Where Treated Even After You Where No Longer Here. I Have No More Homeless Pets And Paw Prints Pet Crematory​ To Thank For The Amazing Care You Where Given. I Have Never Had An Animal Cremated Before So From Stories I Was Expecting A Box With A Plastic Bag Inside, Holding Your Ashes, With Your Name On It. Seeing The Love Put Into Your Cremation, It Was A Very Bitter Sweet Moment For Me Opening The Bag. I Wanted To PERSONALLY Thank You Paw Prints For What You Do... Not Only Do I Have A Beautiful urn For My Sweet Baby, But Also His Fur And Lots Of Beautiful Poems To Read To Him, In My Darkest Moments. Thank You So Much For Making This Very Traumatic Event In My Life As Easy As Possible. God Bless You Guys. And Thank You For Taking Care Of Angel. We All Thank You From The Bottom Of Our Hearts Diana Schneid

My dear baby girl Mae. On April 18th I had to make a heart breaking choice to end your suffering. You had to endure so much to stay here with me so I would be ok after loosing Daddy. You & I went threw so much together. You were so strong an brave an so much more then my bestest friend. I miss you beautiful brown eyes, your licky-licks, your winkeys, your dancing, your sleeping upside down on my lap, your jumping in my arms when I came home, your devoted love, your running threw the house, sleeping with your head on my pillow at night, an getting threw every day. Dakota misses you so very much too... Our hearts are so broken because you were so precious an special to us. We love & miss you so very much baby girl an you will be forever in our hearts and memories. We know you are with daddy giving him licky-lickies an winkeys. Keep him happy till we get there. Lov ya Barbara Liebfred

For Charlie April 10th 2015 Today you died Charlie boy. You died at 9:30 am.. and it was a beautiful day. It was a beautiful day to celebrate and talk about your amazing life. I feel so empty inside knowing that you are not with us anymore. I miss your wrinkly face, your constant wet kisses, your wagging crooked tail, your drolly mouth, your big brown eyes and your excitement every time we told you we were going for a ride in the truck. But most of all, I miss the unconditional love that you had for us. No matter what, you were always there. You saved my life. After my parents divorce I was devastated. But I came home one day and you were sitting on the living room floor surrounded with puppy toys and a brand new bed. I couldn't believe it..were you really mine?! From that day on buddy, you made me whole and happy again. I can't thank you enough for being my dog. My best friend. My love. Letting you go today was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I wanted to tell the docto r to stop..that I've changed my mind..I wanted to pick you up and take you back home. But I knew that you were sick and being selfish wasn't the solution today. So we decided to hold you, love on you and talk to you until you weren't in pain anymore baby boy. I didn't understand why this happened, but I'm starting to. It was your time to be with God. Your time to let go and get back to the healthy Charlie you used to be. I can just picture you now up in heaven..swimming in pools and chasing lizards. I know you're happy again. But I miss you like crazy. I can't wait to see you again, sweet angel. Rest in peace. And know that you were the best dog in the world and we love you. Brooke Peters

My BOMBON passed away on April 12,2015 from renal failure. She fought hard and beat renal failure then pancreatitis. But this last battle was too much and her big heart could not fight anymore. She was a great friend and companion. We lived her kindness and feistiness. She was a great mother of three puppies and was lived by everyone that met her. She is missed very much and will never be forgotten. We miss you and we will see you on the rainbow bridge. Love Mom, dad, alba, Shiro, Nanuk, and Peque Luis Briones

Ivory was an amazing, beloved family member. She gave us 15 wonderful years. She was silly, mischievous and loving. Her paw prints are forever etched in my families heart. Run hard and fast our girl until we meet again. Love always, Michelle, David and Heaven!! Michelle Lasure

Our little dachshund, Trudie was a shy little dog who gave all of her love to us for her 16 years . She and our other little dachshund, Nikki, were not only from the same litter, but were best friends. She only lived 2 1/2 weeks after Nikki died. We love her and will always miss her. Jerry and Bernice Randall

Rocco as a cowboy for Halloween 2014 My love was an angel. Patricia Rapisardi

I found her on my front doorstep at just a couple months old. Someone had declawed her on all 4 paws, and then somehow she either got out or was put out. It was December of 1997. I heard some odd sounds outside my front door, opened it and looked out--and here was this tiny little black kitten, awash in the light of a full moon, eating a mouse. She greeted me with a hiss and then ran right into my house, carrying the mouse, and made herself comfortable on my bed--with the bloody carcass lol. I already knew she was my kind of girl. It was her huntress arrogance and the full moon that gave her her name: Artemis. She slept up against my head, curled in the hollow of my shoulder and ear, and would purr me to sleep every night I was home for the last 17 years. She was at some times my only comfort and friend. We gave each other a good life, and lots of love. It's only been a couple of nights since she's gone, and I never realized how much I could miss her meow when I'd walk in the door or her head butting me for attention before bedtime, or her little soft, vibrating body next to my head as I slept--regardless of who else was in my bed, she had her place, and she knew it. I love you, little girl. Rest well. Steven Peano

My baby Rocco was so special, such a sweet, smart, loving, fun baby and very entertaining. He would start singing as soon as the theme song from Two and a half men would come on, it always made me and other people smile and laugh, he would sing to some other songs too. He loved his big Milk Bones, he would keep that bone hidden under his blanket and hold it in his mouth and take it everywhere with him. I miss my baby Rocco. Patricia Rapirsardi

My Rocco was so handsome, I miss his beautiful innocent precious eyes looking at me, greeting me in the morning as I wake up. I love you Rocco, mommy will see you soon my love. Patricia Rapisardi

I always bought Rocco a big bunny for Easter Patricia Rapisardi

My baby Rocco would sit on me and look down at me and give me the most silliest looks sometimes. It was too cute Patricia Rapisardi

This is Monty. Or better known to me as "My Little Man." Monty is best guess, a 13 year old Lhasa Apso who was badly abused most of his life. We rescued him in August of 2013. He had one eye removed and was mostly blind in the other. He was deaf and had some facial disorders probably from being beaten. Most people thought we were crazy for adopting him. But there was something about him. I knew when I saw him I was going to take him home and try to give him the best years of his remaining life. And that I did. He was treated with loving attention and we spoiled him as often as we could. Monty passed away in my arms at 4am the morning of March 6, 2015. Thanks to Paw Prints, I was able to bring Monty home again and keep him and memories close and alive. The Rainbow Bridge story I received from Paw Prints is comforting and beautiful and I hope one day it comes true. We love and miss you very much, my Little Man. Thank you Paw Prints and also Dr. Russell, for all you did to make Monty's remaining years comfortable. Robert Wolk

We miss you little man. We had you for 17 years and we are so lonely without you. You gave us so much joy, and now you are with God. We will all meet again someday at the Rainbow Bridge . WE LOVE MY LITTLE BOY. Peg Richards

Our little Mistitoo was a loving wonderful member of our family for a short fourteen years. Only nine pounds of joy and kisses, but she left such a big hole in our lives when she passed on to wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge. We hope she is happy there with her two older sisters who went on before. Joanne McGuin

Our amazing Great Dane/Lab mix, Bruno, may be gone from our home, but never from our hearts. He made the world a better place simply by being. We will miss you, "Boo Dog" until we meet again! Michelle Patz

Our Beloved Blackie is gone from this earth way too soon, but he'll always & forever be with us. We love you so, Blackie, & we will always hold you close in our hearts. Rest in Peace, Baby Boy. Rochelle Potesak

2 weeks ago we had to make the hardest decision possible and lay our sweet Maci girl to rest. We can't thank you enough for all you did to keep her memory alive and get her back home to us so quickly. The sweet box, poems and flower seeds. We miss her everyday but know she is here with us in her beautiful box. You guys are truly amazing!!! Shanna Risha

my favorite memories of are loving Kato is sleeping with me and being in our lives for 15 years Kato will never be be forgotten he grew up with our children he was so sweet God rest his soul we will surely miss you. Love mommy and daddy and the kids xxoo Joann Boyle

Nikki, our dachshund, was a wonderful member of our family. She lived her 16 and a half years to the fullest. She was always happy and never failed to show us how much she loved us. Her litter-mate sister is lonely for her. We miss her so much. Jerry and Bernice Randall

Pebbles was a dachshund she was 16 years old who lived her life as tha fullest she passed away of heart failure on Jan.19th 2015. Allison Moore

Charles: We've had the pleasure of Rex's presence in our family for a little more than 6 years. We rescued him in Florida and he traveled with us back and forth to Pennsylvania over the years. He was with us 24/7 and became "tuned in" to us as we did him. I've never been as closely in tune with a dog before and therefore he learned from me and I learned from him. Over the last two years he became so "tuned in" to me that our neighbor said that he took on my characteristics. We became so close that I now feel such a great void in my life. I will never forget the love, sweetness and loyalty he gave to me. He was my buddy! And I miss him terribly. God bless you, Rex, and I look forward to being with you again in Heaven. Joyce: REX ,MY BABY SENT FROM HEAVEN. I THOUGHT I WAS SAVING YOU WHEN WE FOUND YOU AT DEATHS DOOR AT A DUMPSTER. YOU HAD BEEN ABUSED AND STARVING. LITTLE DID I KNOW GOD HAD IT ALL PLANNED AND YOU WERE SENT TO RESCUE ME FROM THE GRIEF THAT LAYED AHEAD FOR ME AS IN TWO WEEKS GOD WAS GOING TO CALL MY BELOVED SMOKY, MY CHILDHOOD DREAM HORSE, THAT I LOVED FOR 32 YEARS, HOME WITH HIM. I WOULD NEVER HAVE SURVIVED THE LOSS WITHOUT YOU BESIDE ME. YOU GAVE ME A REASON TO WAKE UP AND WALK YOU AFTER MY STROKE AND HEALED MY WALKING WEAKNESS. YOU GAVE US SOOOO MUCH MORE LOVE IN RETURN AND TAUGHT US SO MANY LESSONS OF LIFE, PUTTING OUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER. LOVE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GIFT GOD GIVES US IN THIS LIFE, YOU ARE THE TRUE TESTIMONY OF LOVE IN ACTION. WHEN YOU WERE ATTACKED BY ANOTHER DOG LAST YEAR AND HAD STITCHES, YOU NEVER SHOWED A TOOTH OR GROWLED.. YOU LOVED EVERYONE AND EVERY ANIMAL. YOU PROTECTED THE BIRDS AND SQUIRRELS, BUNNIES AND CHIPMUNKS IN THE YARD BY BARKING AT THE HA WKS AND CROWS . YOU LIVED JUST TO LAY IN THE SUNSHINE ALLLLL THE TIME. GOD HAS YOU IN SUNSHINE 24/7 NOW.. I TOLD EVERYONE SOMEONES JUNK WAS MY TREASURE AND NOW YOU ARE HEAVEN'S TREASURE.. THE HOLE IN OUR HEARTS WILL NEVER MEND AND THE LOSS IS SO GREAT BUT I LOOK FORWARD TO RAINBOWS BRIDGE WHEN YOU WILL RUN TO MY OPEN ARMS AND I WILL NEVER LET YOU GO AGAIN.... MOMMY LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOU SO MUCH,,,I LOVE YOU, REX. Charles-Again: I just read what Joyce wrote and all I can say is Ditto for me. Charles and Joyce Labor

Phoebe, was the very first pet I ever owned on my own. She was the most sweetest, lovable, loyal pet. She just loved to be next to you and purr on you. She had been through a lot with me in the 15 years we had together. Last year she was diagnosed with CHF and pulmonary enfusion. At that time the doctor said that we should put her down. I was not ready then to say goodbye. We began her on medications and she seem to go back to her normal self. On 4/30/16 she was done fighting and she was ready to say goodbye. I still was not. I knew that she was not in pain anymore. I will always cherish her. And I will see her again one day soon. We love her now and always. She left a paw print on everyone's heart she ever met. David and Heather Moore

So happy I could give you the best life ever in a forever home.....drove from Jacksonville Florida to a wedding in Weston Florida and picked you up on the way back home in West Palm Beach...you put a smile on my face every day with your sweet ferret antics...your life was cut too short, but every day you lived here with me was the best home a ferret could have, your best friends were Sugar the pit bull, Cookie the American bull dog and Comet the heeler mix....such giants but loved your playful personality...you will be greatly missed, they still look for you...R.I.P Lolly, sweetest little fuzzbutt... LouAnn Simpson

To the memory of our beloved Juddy, "If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, we would walk right up to heaven and bring you and your brother Santos home again". Till we meet again, George & Janet Rodriguez ( Mama & Papa ) Jorge Rodriguez

In loving memory of our best friend and companion Leo. Our baby brought 12.5 years of love, happiness and laughs. Everyday Leo will be remembered. I know you will be waiting for us at the rainbow bridge. We love you so much and dearly miss you. Thank you Paw Prints for everything in this difficult time. Love you Leo. mom and dad Cindy Grainger

Bo was a 215lb English Mastiff who thought he was a lap dog. He was as sweet as they come and loved everyone and everything. He was known to steal food off the counter, or your plate if you left it unattended, but that should be expected with a dog his size. He loved to watch TV and snuggle on the couch with his mom. Bo - you are deeply missed, and we look forward to the day we will get to see you again. Lori Byrd

My sweet Dixie. We miss you more than words can say. We went through a lot together, but you always had my back, and always greeted me with a scratch at the door and a wagging tail, even when you got sick. You were the definition of unconditional love. I will always remember you laying on your belly with your back legs stretched out on those hot summer days. I will never forget your little angel wings. You have left an impact on us that will last a lifetime. Rest easy sweet girl, Momma's precious angel. I will see you on the other side. Until we meet again ... Erin McKenzie

RIP Angel--thank you for caring for her so kindly. Nate and Kelly you were both so kind and helpful. Here's a tribute to Angel. She was our first baby. I got her at 5 weeks old and barely a pound. She was 14 years and 5 months old when she passed on August 30th, 2014 from a heart condition. I, Jacquelyn, got her 7 months before I met Chris and she saw me through my first college graduation and later on my bachelor's degree. She was there when I cried my tears when Chris was deployed twice, once to war. And was there to greet daddy when he returned. She was there through 5 years of infertility and was patient when i was in the hospital for 8 days very sick before delivery. She was there for me when I got home after 34 days in the NICU with my preemie. She was sweet to our baby and I was so glad she got to meet him too. I miss her so much. She truly was our first baby. She suffered a heart conditon that was under control until we took her on vacation to Florida with us. She was not able to make it any further than Georgia. I included the picture we took in Georgia several hours before we realized she needed to go to an Emergency Vet. :( Thank you for caring for her. The Cartwright Family

Thank you so very much for your kind and compassionate servive. It meant the world to me to know my baby Destiny was in such good loving hands. The beautiful urn box with flowered carvings was perfect for her. It helps so much to know your baby is in good hands when you are going through such a difficult time. Thank you and I will always remember your kindness.... Joey Mancini

Dusty, we miss your sweet and gentle presence in our life. I have to fetch my own newspaper each morning which breaks my heart. I can still see you running up the drive enthusiastically bringing me my paper. Love and miss you. Paul Thayer

Maggie made us better people with her love and joy. I miss her every day. We are thankful for the loving care she received from our vet and for the wonderful way she was treated by Paw Prints. It does ease the pain to know that others understand and care. Gwen Westfall

Winnie The Wonderdog was always the 'little sister' until she was alone after our to her two 'Girlies' crossed the Rainbow Bridge.....She was all Pointer, and would sit for hours looking up a tree where she had seen a squirrel.......some time. She was a friend to all other animals except that tiny dogs scared her! She is missed every day Mary Tatem

Best dog anyone could ever want...right up to the last night! Larry Frabitore

Mousse was the sweetest and most kind lab ever. He used to carry stuffed animals where ever he went. I will miss my best friend. Nicole Cerullo

Rosemary was my canine BFF and I fortunately have a very strong wall that lets me function, because otherwise my sadness would overwhem me. Work keeps me busy, but when I get home and I want to snuggle or take her for a walk, that's when I feel this loss the most. Rosemary understood every word my husband and I said, and she helped us raise a several litters of puppies over the years. She never had any herself, but she was one of the best helpers a mom could ask for. We had a special needs greyhound (Hope) who we lost in November due to neurological issues, and Rosemary was always watching out for her. Hope was the runt of her litter, and was never "normal", but she had a huge extended family of greyhound friends who loved her to pieces. We didn't think she would live 6 days, and she lived 6.5 years. We were blessed with both Hope and Rosemary, and we have fond memories. The loss of Rosemary has been especially difficult since I have had her since birth, so the most important thing is that I know I have her remans to be back with us at home. The hair doesn't matter to me as much, so if you never get it back, I'm fine with that. I want to share a few pictures of her so you can see how beautiful she is. The small dog in the pictures with Rosemary is Hope. Cathie Lambert

Friend to Friend You are giving me a special gift, so sorrowfully endowed, and through these last few cherished days, Your courage makes me proud. But really, love is knowing When your best friend is in pain, And understanding earthly acts Will only be in vain. So looking deep into your eyes, Beyond into your soul, I see in you the magic, that will Once make me whole. The strength that you posses, Is why I look to you today. To do this thing that must be done, For its the only way. That strength is why I followed you and chose you as my friend, And why I've loved you all these years..My partner till the end. Please understand just what this gift, You're giving, means to me, It gives me back the strength I've lost, And all my dignity. You take a stand on my behalf, For that is what friends do. And know that what you do is right, For I believe it too. So one last time, I breath your scent, And through your hand I feel, The courage that's within you, To now grant me this appeal. Cut the leash that holds me here, Deer friend and let me run, Once more a strong and steady dog, My pain and struggle done. And don't despair my passing, For I won't be far away, Forever here, within your heart and memory I'll stay. Valeria Gwizdak

I forgot to mention my precious cat's name in my earlier memory that I submitted. His name was Meow Meow, a name that suited him perfectly. His sweet meow meow would wake me in the morning as well as his little paws touching my face letting me know that he wanted me to feed him. I have missed his presence and his love. You will forever be remembered. I love you, Meow Meow. To foster an older cat that was to be only for a brief time, turned into an unconditional love that was shared between us over the last 2-1/2 years. I continued to care for him until he passed away on July 21, 2014. I will never forget the love, compassion and comfort that he provided me during a very stressful time of my life. He will be sorrily missed. Love and kisses to a dear friend. You will never be forgotten. Dotty Pye

Harley was one of the best fur babies I have ever had. I got him 3 months after I got Muffin (my female shih tzu) in 2007. He had such a huge personality and forgot he was as little as he was and I believe forgot he was a dog. Controlling and protective as he was at times, he was very special and looked after Muffin and i very well. He is and will be missed every day by Muffin and I, there is definitely an empty hole in our home and heart that he filled. Dyane Shepard

What can be said about a little 4-legged soul-filled creature that was your companion? Quite a bit, I suppose. I lost my 4lb female Chihuahua named Jewel 2 weeks ago today (7/9/14) and I was one of the lucky ones – she was in my arms as she took her last gasps of breath and passed from this life to the other. I couldn’t have asked for a better way for her to go. Jewel brought me so much joy from not only when she came into our family, but when I got to be her human 10 years ago this summer. We changed each other for the better. We calmed each other down. We found solace in each other. She was my little buddy, my best friend, and we went everywhere that I could possibly take her with me. She enjoyed car rides, the park and especially going through the occasional fast food drive thru. We went to the beach a few times where she seemed to enjoy herself and the outdoors. I regret the times I raised my voice at her – I w ish I could take those times back. But I know that Jewel knows I love her. So much so that I recently got a tattoo commemorating her and what she meant to me. And although I have 6 other furbabies at home, there is a big void with Jewel gone. Towards the end, she had to be with me at all times – whether it was following me around the house or sitting in my lap. I miss being needed by her. I miss taking care of her. She is irreplaceable. She is one of a kind. And I pray that she thinks as much of me as I do her. I hope she knows how much value she brought to my life. I love you so much, Jewel. See you in Heaven one day... Janice Yancey

I just wanted to thank you so much for treating my Phoebe with such Love. I really have not been able to write anything until now was her death us still so painful. Everyone who knew Phoebe loved her. She was a loving part if our family and will always have a special place in our hearts. Sincerely, Lisa seposs Lisa Seposs

There is so much to say about my Bandit! To have a cat like him for over 18 years is to have a buddy like no other. He is a part of my soul, and even though he is gone he will never be far from me because he lives in my heart. The night I brought him and his brother Bubba home, they were in a cardboard box on my lap. It was dark, but I could see his little black & white face just watching me intently. He looked like he had the mask of Zorro on, so I named him Bandit. He was so smart, such a good boy but he could be a little stinker too! Jealous always, had to be the one in my lap or next to me. It is difficult to think about him not being here anymore, but I know I will see him again one day! I love you buddy! We miss you! Elena Hecht

I know my pet is a little guy but I am allergic to cats and dogs so I can really only live with small animals. I got Stitch at a really difficult time in my life and he always made me smile and raised my spirits on a daily basis. This is one of the main reasons he was important to me. Picked out of a group of hamsters at PetSmart, Stitch turned out to be one of a kind and was always full of life. He wasn't a typical hamster...he had a personality and everyone that met him thought the same thing. Because I have an apartment, Stitch was able to run around a lot and be free and he loved it! Towards the end, I knew he was getting older because he looked like he lost his spunk and didn't climb or chew on the cage anymore to give me the sign that he wanted to come out. When he passed, I just didn't want to put him in a box and bury him in the ground...silly I know. I was so glad that Paw Prints took care of hamsters because that was w hat would make me happy. He was only with me for two years but he was with me through some tough times! And he also looks like the hamster in the Sprint commercial. Thanks again to Paw Prints for taking care of my little guy! Erin Bauserman

Tigger came into our lives in December 1999. He showed up at my mom's house in Savannah,Ga one cold, wet winter evening. He was destined to come live in Florida. The one toy he brought with him was a piece of cloth that was a drawstring for a shirt, I think. That piece of cloth was known as his Binkie. When he wanted to play he would bring it to you! You were not allowed to touch it first. He was definitely a southern cat. He liked blackeyed peas, cracker barrel biscuits & cornbread. He liked to play punked with me everyday. This was a game of seeing who would get to the door first when MOM came home to get the first lick! He was good at it! Tig was a little man with his own personality. A true source of unconditional love for 15 wonderful years. We will miss him... Richard Mason

Peanut Bell, born 01 January 2003, departed this life 13 June 2014. We will miss you Peedy but seeing you in so much pain we just couldn't stand to see you suffer any more. You gave us (11) wonderful years and we are eternally grateful. To try and prolong your life with medication and still see you suffer would have been selfish on our parts. Although you were my son's dog you were still a part of our dog family. You looked so peaceful and pain free the last few minutes of your life and that's how I will remember you. Not in the pain you were enduring. Run the green pastures Peedy. See you at the Rainbow Bridge! Your Family Robert Bell

We went to the Humane Society in Christiansburg, VA to get another kitty because our current kitty was lonely when we would be gone. All the kitties had respiratory issues but none of the "regular" kitties seemed to mesh. A HS Volunteer recommended we look in the "sick kitty" room. There we found a mama kitty with 2 kittens. They were from a little town on the way to Roanoke by a dumpster. One of the kittens was very inquisitive and interested in us - so we took an interest in her. However, because of her illness, we had to wait while she was in foster care to finish her ABX. We finally got her in July 1993 but still required Vir-A eye ointment in one of her eyes. Let's just say she bonded well with the hubby - he was her alpha cat totally. We named her Ruska ("Russkaya" - after a Russian vodka as our other kitty was Stoli aka "Stolichnaya" - so we had the vodka kitties). Ruska was very interactive with us and would "fetch" and "retrieve" and want us to play with her, especially with either a sparkle poof ball or a poofy mouse or the bottom 1/2 of a plastic Easter egg or even "stringy." She was once even bold enough to take a piece of Chinese chicken off of a plate and then eat it right away! She loved to eat moths of course too. She liked to be outside but our kitties were house kitties so only were allowed outside with supervision on the deck. When she was 14 years old she had to have many of her teeth removed and this was while the hubby was gone - ugh! - but she fared well. Hubby even brewed a beer for her - Wild cat Blackberry Wheat Ale. She's lived in VA, NC, FL, PA, MA, and back to FL. She's always been a sweet little kitty and got along well with others. She went through a major adjustment period when we lost Stoli in September 2008, which was hard on us all. When Ruska was 17 years old she got out of the house and was go ne for 5 days. We lived on 5.5 wooded acres that harbored fox, fisher cats, birds of prey, and so forth. Fortunately the "neighbors" found her and we were able to get her to the emergency vet for care. It took at least 6 weeks for her to recover but she was never full of the same vim and vigor as before. In 2010 we realized that 1 cat doesn't cut it so we adopted a kitten, who had some cooties from the shelter which caused Ruska to get a horrible sinus infection. She overcame that. The kitten needed a playmate - problem! - so we adopted another kitten. That solved the playmate issue for the moment but eventually we had to separate her from the kittens b/c she couldn't tolerate the rough-housing. So for her remaining years she has spent convalescing in her heated orthopedic pet bed in the master bedroom without other kitties to harass her. She wasn't an "eater" but liked "gravy" in wet food, dry crunchies, and greenies. When Ruska was ~18 years old we found out she was having renal issues so changed her food to Hill's Rx k/d. She did well on that. Then we added benazepril too and occasional subq fluid - I will say that drug enabled her to live for at least another year. I only requested that she live til 21 yrs and then she could do what she wanted. 2 weeks after her b-day her health took a turn and then got worse; the only things we could do were give her subq fluid and encourage her to eat anything (up until the end she did eat chicken-flavored greenies) and we contacted Lap of Love's Dr Stender for assistance per Ruska's regular vet. Ruska led very full 9 kitty lives April 1993 - May 2014 and she remains with us due to the assistance of Paw Prints. Sheryl Gamble

IN MEMORY OF CAMI: Cami was 18 years old. She always lived in doors and usually sat on the back of the love seat. We knew she was not feeling well but making the decision of euthanasia was heartbreaking. Out of love, you have to do what is best for her. Through many tears, she was not afraid because she had us holding her and she trusted us. "THE LOUDEST SOUND IN THE UNIVERSE IS HEARING THE LAST HEARTBEAT". We love and miss her every day. Cheryl Eicher

Doobie was a great dog! He was my little buddy for over ten and a half years. He was Jack Russel Terrier mostly, so he was very active, and had a LOT of personality. We used to run trails and go to the dog park a lot. I would go on bike rides, and he and his brother Floppy would run along side. I always took him home to my parents house for the holidays. There was never a dull moment with Doobie. He was also very well liked around the neighborhood. He was active and happy almost till the very end. Unfortunately he had to go. It was a very sad day, but I think he lived a good life. I hope he's playing near the Rainbow Bridge now. David Hicka

Chunk, a.k.a. Chunky Monkey, you came into our lives as a stray, and we often wondered "Who in their right mind would give up such a good boy?". We named you Chunk not because you were overweight, but because you were so big - in both size and personality. We loved how your meow sounded more like "Moe", and came up with the answer of "Chunk say 'Moe'" (instead of 'no') to many questions. You were a champion snuggler, and while it wasn't our favorite way of waking up, we dearly miss your pre-alarm head-butts. You were such a gentleman, and never crowded your siblings at dinnertime; instead, you sat patiently waiting for your bowl to be put in front of you. We still check the sidelight when your siblings appear to see something, expecting to once again see you sitting there waiting patiently (again), to be let in after stretching your legs. You were not with us long, but we thank the Lord for the blessing of bringing you into our lives. You were precious, and you were loved. We miss our Chunk, and his Chunky Monkey personality. Aimee Groll

In Memory Of Merry, The Wonder Dog Friday, April 11, 2014, was a sad, hard day for Libby and me. Merry, her loyal and constant companion and protector, passed on peacefully in the vet’s office. She was fifteen years old. I’m not ready to write Merry’s story — even though we never met face-to-face — the prison doesn’t allow dogs to visit — but I knew her through her exploits with Libby the entire time we’ve been together. I loved her, too. Recounting the events of their daily walks in the neighborhood, and her sniffing friendships with Blue, Blackie, Marty, Fernando, Buddy, Bentley and their human escorts, and others, Libby frequently said, “Everybody loves Merry.” And they did. Just don’t get too close to Libby, or you may earn a growl of warning. In 2003. while I was at Tomoka C.I. in Daytona, Libby took Merry for a jaunt from their home in Jacksonville to Flagler Beach. Merry loved the surf and the seabirds. On that day Libby took a photo of Merry, and in honor of her, I made a painting of the scene, “Merry at Flagler Beach,” so that one day, when Merry was gone, Libby would have something to remember her by. That day has come. A photo of the painting is below, so you can know her, too. In the past months, I wrote two poems about Merry, from the frightened, injured pup who whimpered outside Libby’s church office door one cold night, on the brink of giving up for dead, to her healing and growth as Libby’s “Guardian Angel.” The point being that we are all guardian angels to each other. The second poem, “Dog Heaven,” written in the weeks before Merry’s weakening and passing, was meant to lessen the pain of the loss of Merry and to show that there is, indeed, a better place. I’m not one to assign human characteristics to animals, but in Merry’s case, if humans exhibited the qualities of love, loyalty, courage, and selflessness that exemplified Merry’s life, the world would be a much better place. If you are a dog lover, you know what I mean. If not, I’m sorry. Rest In Peace, Merry. Charlie Charlie Dobbin

Buddy came to us as a stray he hardly had any hair and was under weight he was a special boy and will be missed dearly. Making the decision to have him put to sleep was the hardest thing any pet parent will have to make. RIP My Sweet Baby. Lisa O'Berry

Desiree' was a stray I found her when she was a young puppy back in 1999 she survived heart worms several years ago, and I lost her October 22, 2013 she lived to the old age of 14 , she is still missed dearly. RIP Desiree' you were a great girl. Lisa O'Berry

R.I.P. Baby Monique Embrey. She was brought home at just a couple months old. March 12,2014, 3:45a.m. she passed away due to old age. She was 14 years old and still beautiful. It's hard losing your best friend. I can't figure out how I am suppose to accept this. I laid by her from 4-5:30, I never left her side. I miss her wet nose, her ears, and most importantly, her in general. My tears will never cease. She was beloved by everyone that saw her big smile. No one can replace this gorgeous dog. My Shepard-Lab mix is the most unique of them all. I love you baby girl so much! R.I.P. you will be missed Grace Embrey

Take good care of our Little Man. He was perfectly imperfect and we were blessed to be his Mommy and Daddy for a short time. See you at the Rainbow Bridge, little buddy..... David and Roni Bailey

My sweet Cash man was only four years old when he passed away very unexpectedly. Cash was my best buddy, my confidant, and the best son I could ever ask for. He loved playing fetch, long walks, and running in the waves on the beach. Cash always suckled on pillows. It was one of my favorite things about him. My big and tough German Shepherd had comfort pillows. :) He constantly had two or three on his dog bed but seemed to always want the one under my head. We were inseparable. Whether is was a short errand run, or a seven hour drive home, Cash was always my wingman. When I did have to leave him, he would walk me to the door then race to bedroom window to wait for my return. That's how I like to think of him now, watching over me and waiting for my last trip home. Rest well sweet boy. I am so happy you're feeling better. I love you and miss you so much Cash man. So, so much. Casey Denney

Justice was born 11 July 2002, departed this life 21 February 2014. You gave us 11 wonderful years and we will always cherish the memories. We never knew you were sick and even your last annual checkup to the Vet he said you were fine. You were a champ right up to the very end. You tried to keep going but just didn't have the strength. To keep you from suffering, we followed the Vet's advise. It wasn't an easy decision to have you euthanized, but we hope we did what was best for you. Run the green pastures "Big Boy", no more pain as you've crossed the "Rainbow Bridge". Robert Bell

A little about Oreo: Oreo is from Fort Worth, Texas. We got him in June 2006 and has been with us his whole life. He was an exceptionally good boy as he had such a calm temperament and never once in his life bit anyone. His nick-name was Oreo Cookie or Cookie. He was so loving and a true companion in a time when our family suffered. When I was sick, he would lay there by my side and would not get up unless I did. When my husband or children were asked to put him out, he would not go unless I put him out. He had special treats that were called "What time is it?" He knew exactly what those were along with "car-rides, walk, dinner, breakfast, bed-time" and other daily words we used. Our oldest daughter would always get nibbled on her ankles by him. We never understood why until we later found out he was a herding dog used to round up cattle. It made perfect sense because when my children would play, Oreo would run in circles and "round" them up. Hide and seek was another game our family played a lot or at least tried to. Oreo always played and he would tell us who was hiding where. He literally was our "tattle-tailer". When I asked him where his daddy was, Oreo would take off running through the house and look for my husband and when my husband was found, Oreo would get exceptionally excited. Little games like this and so much more are what makes memories of our Oreo so special. So as you can see, the sudden loss of Oreo is extremely hard. Maria Campany

RIP my sweet lil Roxy. I love you. Carolyn Schussler

Every moment with my sweet Angel was Cherished. She would always have to be in every room with me and she alway had to have every blanket I had , she had 5. She use to stick her head in my purse with just her butt showing... Lol .. She would bark and jump at you if you said snack :) mama miss you Crystal , R.I.P. Sweet Angel Cindy Veilleux

My most favorite memory of my dog Bailey was the fact that he knew he was the baby. He knew that he was my my favorite and he owned it . He would make me smile just by looking at him. My heart will never be completely full until I'm with him again in heaven. Melissa Simpson-Martin

I lost Whimpy on April 7, 2013. It was devastating. I had Whimpy for almost 15 years, since he was about 9 weeks old. Whimpy was such a loving dog; he's a lover-boy. My younger son and I got Whimpy together when my son was still in middle school. Whimpy was so much part of the family, and part of me. Whimpy liked to play balls, and we played basketball together from time to time. He would get really excited and ran after the ball like a pro. I also like picking up Whimpy and we danced. (I was hoping to have Whimpy around for a couple more years, but he got overdoze from the vet, followed by IV, again another vet cut open his 'old' lump on his thigh....... in three weeks, he was gone. It was such a nightmare. I miss him so very much. ) K. Mueller

Cheechie was the sweetest boy in the world. He brought alot of love into our lives. He gave us 16 great years. We will forever love and miss you boy. Aimee Provo

Prince was a very loveable, warm, playful and loyal dog. He was very spoiled and loved to eat and would dance for doggie treats lol...well I made up a song just for him but he knew it and it was the cutest thing. I would come home and give him kisses and he would run up and down the house so happily. We would cuddle and watch movies, go outside with me to keep me company while I tanned. He was my sons best friend. He was the best pet I've had and will be missed immensely...we love you Prince and you will remain in our hearts for always. Claudine Dixon

I have just returned home with the remains of our sweet pup Nibbles and I want to thank you so much for taking such good care of him. Nibbles was my 15 year old son's dog, we only had him for 4 of his 9 years but he was there with my son through a difficult time. When Justin was one month shy of 13, he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Long story short, Nibbles saw him through thousands of needle sticks and very difficult times in the last couple of years. We were all devastated to learn he had cancer. My tears flowed today when I looked in your envelope and saw my sweet boy's hair clippings, we miss him so much. The service you provided is a true labor of love, and my family is so thankful! God bless you all! Wayne Cain

Around the 1st of Nov 2013 I arrived at Clay County Animal Control to see if there were any dogs there I could bring into rescue. I went straight thru the adoption building out to the hold building where I found Kingston in a cage full of other terrified small dogs. Kingston chose me, all the others ones were to terrified to trust anyone......but not Kingston. When I asked about pulling him I was told I had to wait 3 days till his stray hold was up. So I went back and got him after 3 days. He was sick with upper respiratory infection, covered in fleas and was so matted he stunk like pure yeast. After getting him home is when I noticed his back legs were not working as they should. Upon recommendation from the vet with him being sick we waited to get him over his upper respiratory 1st before exploring his leg issues. That time finally came and the xrays showed he had a bad back. There was no tissue or muscle mass between the middle disks in his back. We put him on Predazone and anti inflammatory and he improved till the meds were all gone. For the past few weeks I have watched him slow down and decline in the use of his legs. We could of done more meds but where is the quality of life in a highly medicated animal. It was a very hard choice to make, but keeping him around would of only benefited my emotions and would of been very selfish on my part as well. He was the 1st rescue dog I could not fix, that alone was tough to swallow but still brought him into my home and loved him with every inch of our hearts. Taking him yesterday was so emotionally wearing but felt he deserved to be pain free. It was just like losing one of my very own dogs, he slept on the floor during the day with Bailey and Hope our family dogs and at night, he had his own spot on my bed with my 2 dogs. He was a part of our family and losing him has not been easy. I know his spirit has been restored and there is no more pain. Kingston's favorite past time was sitting on the couch with me enjoying pets under his ears. He would grunt and start to roll once I got the scratch right where he wanted! He was such a good boy! How someone disgaured this sweet soul is just beyond belief! That is why I want to do everything I can to honor his life with me. It was short, too short honestly but feel honored to be the one to rescue him. A friend told me yesterday I was never meant to fix him, my purpose was to give him a respectable passing filled with love. And now I am choosing you and your company to help me fulfill my mission and his last wish even further! Thank you Nate for taking the time to talk with me today, it truly makes a difference knowing he will be handled by you. Even in this last act of his life he deserves to be handled with care and compassion. Thank You again Nate and Happy New Year! Tina Edwards

I adopted Taffy while living in Atlanta, GA. I had gone to the shelter on a Tuesday and found a sweet dog to adopt, but she wasn't eligible for adoption until Friday. When I returned on Friday, I passed by Taffy's kennel on my way to the dog I was there to adopt. It was Taffy's cute eyes that made me stop at first. Then with her tail wagging in circles from side-to-side, she came right up to the front of the kennel and with her eyes, she asked us to pet her. I bent down to pet her and she lifted her leg as though she was going to pee. We jumped back in shock. Once again, with her tail wagging she asked us to pet her and once again she lifted her leg and we jumped back. We eventually figured it out, she wanted her belly rubbed. She had a bunch of codes on her kennel card that we didn't understand so we asked a worker. We found out that she was 6 months old, had been brought in as a surrender the night before, this was her third time being returned and because of that, she was scheduled to be "put down" that night. I couldn't let that happen, I had fallen in love. Once we got her home, it took less than 24 hours to realize that she had been mistreated and that she was a wild one. It took nearly a year to work out all her bad habits, but then we had a true gem in our home. Everyone who met Taffy fell in love and either wanted her or wanted to know where they could get one like her. I would let them know that she was "one-of-a-kind". She was my first baby and I loved her so. She was never "just a dog" or a pet, she was one of our children and for a number of years, our only child. On 12/18/2013, we had to say goodbye after 16 years. It was one of the most difficult times in my life so far. Thank you to Kelly and Nate for treating me with so much compassion, treating Taffy respectfully, and going out of your way to get her home so quickly. You all will forever be in my heart and prayers for the work that you do helping families find closure. Cherie Porter

Ditto ‘Bug’ Nantz, born April 25, 1998, passed away peacefully this morning May 1, 2012, with the aid of his kind veterinarian, at the age of 14. Like most canine children, Ditto’s favorite activities were to eat, ride in the car, and snuggle with his family. Although his vision was impaired and his joints were arthritic towards the end of his days, he never lost his love for his family, and nothing in the world mattered more to him that the people he shared his home with. We will miss his tail wagging whenever someone would pet him, and his bouncing up and down when he was excited. We will miss him sprinting to the kitchen whenever he heard the refrigerator open, and getting underfoot when we were trying to make dinner. We will miss seeing him anxiously waiting by the front window as we drove up to the house, and always being the first one to greet us when we came home. We will miss him warming our feet when we couldn’t find our slippers, watching him burrow into a pile of clean clothes fresh out of the dryer, and the way he would silently comfort us whenever we were upset or tired. We will miss his toothy grin, his licks of affection, and sweet smell of his incredibly luxurious fur after a bath. A void is now left in our hearts, but we are entrusted with many wonderful memories. Some are good, some are funny, and some are just…”oh, Ditto!” He was not only a great dog; he was a beloved member of our family, and he will be missed. The Nantz Family

This was our beloved dog Snoopy. He left us on Oct. 25th, 2013 at the age of 14 1/2 yrs. We had gotten him when he was only 10 weeks old and when we adopted him from the Humane Society he had both front paws broken but we nursed him back to a full healthy, gentle, playful dog. When he was a puppy and still strong and growing he would drag our youngest son Zack (who was 3 when we got him, now 17) around the house by his socks. Our oldest son was 10 now 24 so this dog meant the world to this family as Snoopy was the only dog the family had ever known and truly loved emencely. He would play in snow with the boys when we lived in MI. He was well traveled and spent time in VA where we adopted him and then we moved on to MI, FL, CA, and back to FL. While in VA and trying to potty train him he also had a habit of chewing or nawing on the wood work in the house so we thought we would try putting some hot sauce on the baseboards only to find Snoopy loved hot sauce and just licked it off. He had went on camping trips with us to the Sierra Nevadas, Spent time in the river while we panned for gold, kept the boys warm at night by snuggling close. In MI he was a very friendly and caring dog with all the small kids trying to ride on him, they would pull his tail, lay with him, fall asleep on him and he didn't care. He used to sleep on the bed with myself and husband and when we would try to kiss each other good night Snoopy had his snout right up there waiting for his kiss as well. As time progressed Snoopy suffered from 2 bouts of Vestibular disease and the recently 2 seizures brought on by the Vestibular and his eye sight, heart, hearing and liver were starting to go so it came time to make that decision and so we know that he is in DOGGY HEAVEN and watching down on us. We love you Snoopy Dog. RIP Snoopy. The Wildrick Family

Leo was one of our rescues that stayed with us and ultimately adopted our daughter. He was a stoic old man who loved his humans. Leo was very photogenic and would actually smile at the site of a camera. His spirit still protects his mommy and human brothers and sisters. We miss you old man. Joe and Debi Wilburn

Sadie Pei was brought into our rescue on her way to the death chamber. She was always grateful and loving to us for bringing her into our rescue as the senior matriarch of Shar Pei. I loved sitting with Sadie Pei and being special enough to receive her many kisses. She as a sweet old lady who was misunderstood by most humans but loved so much by Joe and me. Joe and Debi Wilburn

Hannah Mae was our first Shar Pei we actually went to court to sue her ex-owners. It was as if she knew we were fighting for her and she always acknowledged her thanks and love to us. Our hearts loved her as much as was humanly possible, so her demise from lymphoma was such a tragedy. We lost Hannah within 8 weeks of losing Chouli and 1 week of losing Pumpkin. The three Pei-migos are together at the Bridge waiting for us. Joe and Debi Wilburn

Our beautiful Pumpkin adopted us when our rescue just couldn't let her go. She was our twirly girl who loved to sing and twirl in a circle to make you laugh. We could sit for hours so content with each others company and never ask for more. She was my Soul-Pei, and my life, although enriched with having had her for 3 years, will leave an empty void in my heart. Joe and Debi Wilburn

Tre was our special 3 legged rescue. From the first time we saw him on death row we knew we had to make him ours. He was gentleman Shar Pei who always showed love, respect and appreciation towards us and his new life. We will miss this gentle boy in our lives. Joe and Debi Wilburn

Chouli was one of our special rescues who adopted us. Although we never knew what her mood would be, we always knew she loved us. Chouli had a special soul that we will always be grateful for. We miss you Boo Boo. Joe and Debi WIlburn

Stanley was our old man at 13 years old. Our home is so quiet without him and his snorting. He was a gentle Pei who was so unassuming, yet so loving and gracious. We miss you old man and we will meet you at the Bridge when the time comes. We love you always. Joe and Debi Wilburn

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